Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nuk Wars

Nuks have become a hot item at our house. Aaliyah and Jocelyn love to suck on them and Ethan and Bennett love to steal them out of their sister's mouths. One day the boys even fought over a nuk which is pretty funny considering there are about 20 of them floating around our house. From the look of the pictures you would think that Bennett had the upper hand and was for sure going to come out victorious. Ethan is a little stinker and held tightly onto the nuk to the end. Bennett let out his battle cry for everyone to hear.Ethan is such a nice older brother that he is attempting to give the nuk back to his sisters. Little does he know that there is a right and wrong side to put into their mouth. I have not seen a successful gifting of the nuk yet. One time he did get it Aaliyah's mouth but pulled it right back out. Not ideal.
You may have been worried about the boys stepping on the girls during the battle. I was too so they did get transferred to their swings behind the fence. You will be happy to know that just 5 days ago we took the fence down. Aaliyah is in pink and Jocelyn in red. Ethan still tried to get to them, but no dice.
Overall this was a great day! A feel that a day without any kids falling off the couch is a good one!

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