Thursday, September 23, 2010

my van doesn't lie...i'm a mom

****I actually wrote this a while back, but was hoping to get a picture of one of us squeezing our body in and out of the back of the van to retrieve the girls.  It just wasn't happening.  So just this week when I was on my way to work and I took in a huge sniff to catch the fragrance of Ethan's anesthesia vomit (he pucked twice on the way home) it reminded me that I still had this post.  My car still smelled the morning when I got in.****

When we found out we were having twins again we made the dreaded purchase of a mini van. We had swore that we would never do it. Then again we never thought we would have 4 children. It is pretty interesting watching us load up the van. The boys car seats are in the captain chairs in the first row. The girls are in the very back bench seat. We discovered that it is easier to go through the hatch in the back, life the infant carriers over the back of the seat, and click them into the bases. This maneuver requires me to stand in the trunk, prop my feet on the bumper while I smash my stomach into the back seat, and then hoist the girls out. You should see how people look at us when they see this act. Especially when the boys heads are popping out of the trunk because we set them in there to wait while we retrieve the girls. One time when we were getting out to go to the mall I watched this car slowly, slowly go by our van and point while Brett was trying to get the girls out of the car from the trunk. Not to mention that it was POURING rain. I was watching from the sidewalk overhang with the boys.

So here are my top reasons why my van doesn't lie...

-we specifically bought the van with a DVD player and now we sing the theme song to Dora the explorer and wonder pets ("This is serious!" I feel for you if you know that I am quoting Ming Ming)

-my CD player doesn't hold 6 cd's but only one that blares B-I-N-G-O and Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes

-i am in need of purchasing a cordless hand vac to suck up the cheerios on the van floor. every time i hear a crunch under my foot it makes me cringe

-there are extra diapers and wipes in the back seat pocket next to the atlas

-there is a stroller permanently in my trunk and toys hanging from the ceiling safety handles

-it isn't a new air freshener scent, but the sweet smell of a sippy cup being left in the van for over 24 hours when the temperature hit a scorching 95 degrees

This is real, I am a mom. Don't make fun that in the few moments that I drive alone I will throw on my $10 Baby Phat sunglasses from TJ Maxx, turn the radio to KDWB and sing to Katie Perry's California Girls in my desperate attempt to feel cool.


Jenny said...

Forget photos. We are going to take video of you loading and unloading the girls! Next Thursday seems like a good day for it, don't you think?

Aunt M said...

Too funny - Life changes, and while you can never go back as time goes on you won't want to! You are not just a mom you are "wonder mom"! Dora and Wonder Pets are your friends :) - hmmmm, no Barney yet or is that outdated?