Thursday, September 9, 2010

My little dirt eaters: An afternoon on the deck

So the boys have broken their first mommy belonging. I found them on the deck digging into the dirt from the fallen planter. My mom bought me that Begonia for mother's day this year. We enjoyed it while we had it.
What is the fascination of playing with and eating dirt?The boys inspected their dirt before tasting it. Only the finest for them.The boys proceeded to locate my Serrano pepper plant. Those that are not familiar with chili peppers, Serrano peppers are three times hotter than jalapeƱos. They have great flavor and I absolutely recommend them over jalapeƱos. Just use less! The boys decided to find out what one of these red vegetables tasted like. Ethan is in the red next to the pepper plant.Here are their faces after taking a bite.
I was a bad mom because I didn't rush to get them milk. I wanted them to "feel the burn" so they would stop grabbing my plants. Because not only did they pull off the peppers but took some tomatoes and chomped into them like apples. Good news is that Ethan and Bennett have not touched the peppers since this day. Man, I love my little dirt eaters! Keepin' it interesting.


Jenny said...

Can I just say how glad I am that none of this happened while I was watching them?!? Also - using natural consequences to teach them about the peppers doesn't make you a mean mom... it makes you a smart mom!

Adam and Tara said...

I love this! I got into plants when I was younger and my parents have the pictures to prove it....they make me laugh the most when I look back at them and I know they will do the same some day!