Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Brett and I have lived at our home since the summer of 2004.  We haven't been all that neighborly until we started our family.  Our neighbors Matt and Nikki have a boy, Max, that is one month older than E and B.  And they recently had a little girl, Lily, that is a month younger than A and J.  Our neighbors on the end unit have two boys (5 and 2).  You can find our driveways full of toys, remote control cars speeding down the road, kickball bases drawn with sidewalk chalk, a soccer net, basketball hope, and kids running around everywhere.  We are pretty fortunate to live on the end of the street where we utilize the Hammerhead as a play area.  Neighbors are very nice and when driving they approach our hammerhead with extreme caution.  We have a hard time keeping Ethan and Bennett inside.   

Another added benefit of having neighbors with kids is that our Ethan and Bennett's toy collection doubles yet Mommy and Daddy don't have to store it.  No reason for any of us to have our own toys since they all share.  We constantly find our balls and toys in the neighbors garage.  Many times you will find a kid in your garage rummaging through your ball bucket but it isn't your kid.

Ethan doesn't believe in using the door.

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