Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coming Clean

I need to be honest about something so that people don't get the wrong idea about me.  So here is comes, I am coming clean.......Pair-fect is not always Per-fect.  I'm sorry to disappoint my readers that thought I had a picture perfect life.  Looking back on my blog I sometimes think I could even make myself believe that we have got it all together.  You get to read about babies growing, learning, our home changing, fun trips, etc.  But there happens to be stuff that I leave out.  So today I am owning up to a few things.  This will put everyone on a level playing field.

Here is me confessing my ten less Pair-fect life happenings right now:
10. I locked my kids in the car today outside of the church daycare so that I wouldn't have to unload them and reload them just to run inside and check in the boys.
9.  I'm tired!
8. I have had a headache for about 2 weeks and an acupuncturist targeted the trigger as my hormones.  Am I hormonal?
7. My friends are coming over tomorrow to watch the kids so Brett and I can go on a date.  I planned the date and guess what we are doing....shelf shopping and hoping to get some groceries before our refrigerator starts eating itself.
6. I sometimes put the girls in their swings hoping that it will make them fall asleep so I can lay down.
5. I keep having hot flashes.  It must be hormones or I am the first person to go through menopause at 30 years of age.
4.  I want to wear a bra that has under wire and no snaps for easy access.
3. I sent an email to my doctor a few days ago explaining my health/emotional/hormonal/physical issues.  I was immediately called and asked to come in for an appointment to talk to her.  A shout out to Dr. Ott, Thanks for seeing me today!!
2. I only shower every other day and justify it by saying that my hair is too dry when really I just want to get an extra 10 minutes of sleep time before getting up.
1. I want my husband to get his vasectomy (scheduled) so that I can stop sweating every time I think about getting pregnant again.  Or maybe that is the hot flashes?

This was only 10 but I know that I can go on.  So there it is.  Sorry if I tainted your positive image of me and the family.  Reality is that we are human and trying to keep 4 kids alive.  It isn't always pretty and not even close to perfect.  Don't think for a moment that I would change things because I wouldn't.  I feel like I can love life even when I am not happy with the moment.  I think this is what keeps life interesting.  If we didn't have any issues or problems to work through then what would we do with our time?  Dirty diapers and dishes?  Nah, I am efficient so that stuff takes no time at all.  I am not looking for sympathy, but wanted everyone to know that I have up times and down times.  My roller coaster just can't get off the ground for right now.  Maybe I can be a new inspiration for those that just sometimes want to hear that someone else is also on the down slope.  Sometimes we just need to say, "I did it!  I admit it!".  Being honest can be hard, but is really refreshing.  I figure those that love me will stand by my side (even when I didn't shower).

What do you want to come clean about today?


sharpt said...

Love your candor, Molly. It's the doubt. I only have three kids, but also am a working mother, wife, daughter, sister & friend...and there are days that are downright overwhelming and frustrating. I think no differently of you, as a matter of fact, I think I respect you more knowing that we are all human, and in this game of life together. You are an amazing flashes, headaches, and unshowered! :)


p.s. It was GREAT to see you today. You will forever be one of my favorite patients!! :)

Anonymous said...

You are a human doing the best you can. (Better than I could! I couldn't do what you are doing!!) You aren't doing anything wrong! Not any different than many others, if they are willing to confess. You will survive!

Nancy said...

Ha! That's great..I do all those things but just assumed everyone already knew! I lock my babies in the car every morning when I drop my big kids off at Kindergarden. After all, there is a huge flight of stairs to the entrance, and I can't use the stroller for that, and I'm definitly not going to risk carrying both up the stairs in the ice and snow. Do I have any options left? I figure at least I can see the car through the glass doors of the school!

Showering, ya, I shower a few times a week, but I try not to keep track anymore ;)

We don't plan dates anymore. Every time we tried, either someone got sick or we ended up at the ER. Any attemmpted date was a futile exercize in dissapointment. So now we just watch star trek together and drink wine sometimes when the kids are in bed (ooohhh so romantic).

And as for swings - I just put a Baby Einstein on the TV, it's a guaranteed 30 minutes snooze! But sometimes you just need it or you'll be out of it all day.

The hot flashes are definitly a post-partum thing, but usually done by now (I think?). If it keeps up for a few more weeks, I'd get it checked out.

As for snip snip, I don't think it would matter what we did, I'll always get whoozy over the possibility of doing this all again. In fact, I've pretty much accepted that it's going to happen someday whether I want it to or not.

I once wrote a similar post to this titled 'Butterflies, hugs and 'yes mama' all day long'. It was about how terribly my kids listened, how sleep deprived I was, how the washing machine broke etc etc!

You're doing great MJ, no matter what you think!

Pam Loudy said...

Love it MJ, I just love it!

Lane has started screaming at me, and when I say screaming I mean it. Sometimes I get so tired of it, I scream back...immature, yup, but sometimes I thinking I'm gonna go crazy!