Saturday, September 25, 2010


Eva, Dale, and their son Coen came back to Minnesota for a visit.  We had a week full of activities which I will write more about later.  Coen is 2 weeks older than Ethan and Bennett, however, his vocabulary is about 100x more than E and B.  The best was listening to yell out "Eva" and "Dale" to get his parents attention.  Man he is a cutie and the boys played well together.  Coen struggled with having toys stolen from him, but we encouraged him to take them back.  Ethan and Bennett are used to this battle.

  The boys are for sure going to be buddies.   You have to love these guys.  Such goof balls!

So this was my first attempt to get a picture of all three of them.  It didn't go so well.  They took off the minute I sat them down.

So I solicited some help from the adults.  Dale and Eva wrestled them down, but it still was not working.  We ended up with a pretty good picture but Dale's hands are in it.  He is commanding them to stay with his magic hands.  It was pretty funny and they look amused!

 The best picture I was able to get.  3 boys in their diapers!


Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

Well, his English vocabulary may be 100x larger... but did they let him in on their secret twin language?

Anonymous said...

Can you post so pics of the boys without diapers on please