Friday, September 3, 2010

Asthma Update

The boys had their follow up appointment with the Pulmonologist. He said that their lungs sounded good and before when he would squeeze on their chest he could hear wheezing but couldn't hear it today. Yea! However, that means the treatment plan that we are on is working and we have to continue it until the spring. We will continue giving them steroid nebs every night and low dose antibiotics for the winter cold/flu season. Hopefully we will make it through uneventful. The hope is to keep the boys healthy so that their lungs can grow correctly without respiratory infections and potentially "grow out" of asthma. In May we can take them off the meds and wait to see what happens. The boys are also going to go to a daycare once a week this year so the extra medication can't hurt considering they will be exposed to many runny noses and dirty hands!

Bennett fell asleep on the way home from what feels like his weekly trip to Urgent Care. After this visit we were told he had two ear infections. Poor boy. He has had about 8 ear infections in his life. The ENT appointment is next week Thursday. AND he has an eye appointment on Wednesday of next week.

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agentjimbo said...

Do you think he'll need those ear tube thingy's?