Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aaliyah's PT Appointment

Aaliyah had her second PT appointment with Elaine (Jocelyn came with too and showed off her tummy time talents).  Elaine had a student with her, Nikki, who also helped out.  Elaine worked Aaliyah hard, but she handled it really well.  Barely any fussing.  Aaliyah is still not the fan of stretching her ear to her shoulder.  We are being referred on to the Craniofacial clinic at Children's.  There they will do measurements and evaluate Aaliyah's plagiocephaly.  Elaine mentioned that she seems like an ideal candidate for the CranioCap.  It will help even out her ears and face, however, the flat spots have gotten a little better.  Sounds like they do the head scan at Children's which is then sent to Gillette to have the cap made.  Hopefully if she gets the cap she will only have to wear it for a few months.  I don't want to cover up that gorgeous hair for too long.  Thanks to JC for making the trip to the hospital with me.  You were a natural with a baby strapped onto you.  

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