Thursday, September 30, 2010

16 Weeks Old

The girls are closing in on 4 months soon.  Wanted to give you an update on their progress.  Well they are EXCELLENT.  Sleeping a solid 9 hours every night, not too fussy, and incredibly adorable.  They have been smiling and talking like crazy.  But they are girls so that is to be expected.  They are working on some tummy time in the pictures.  Jocelyn has started to roll over.  No more leaving her alone on the couch.  Aaliyah is still a little bigger than Jocelyn and she has some great hair!  I never knew that I needed these two girls in my life until they showed up.  They are amazing.  I am able to watch them grow much easier this time because I know what to pay attention for.  However, if makes me feel like they are growing too fast.

Aaliyah is in the pink and Jocelyn is in the green.

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