Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coming Clean

I need to be honest about something so that people don't get the wrong idea about me.  So here is comes, I am coming clean.......Pair-fect is not always Per-fect.  I'm sorry to disappoint my readers that thought I had a picture perfect life.  Looking back on my blog I sometimes think I could even make myself believe that we have got it all together.  You get to read about babies growing, learning, our home changing, fun trips, etc.  But there happens to be stuff that I leave out.  So today I am owning up to a few things.  This will put everyone on a level playing field.

Here is me confessing my ten less Pair-fect life happenings right now:
10. I locked my kids in the car today outside of the church daycare so that I wouldn't have to unload them and reload them just to run inside and check in the boys.
9.  I'm tired!
8. I have had a headache for about 2 weeks and an acupuncturist targeted the trigger as my hormones.  Am I hormonal?
7. My friends are coming over tomorrow to watch the kids so Brett and I can go on a date.  I planned the date and guess what we are doing....shelf shopping and hoping to get some groceries before our refrigerator starts eating itself.
6. I sometimes put the girls in their swings hoping that it will make them fall asleep so I can lay down.
5. I keep having hot flashes.  It must be hormones or I am the first person to go through menopause at 30 years of age.
4.  I want to wear a bra that has under wire and no snaps for easy access.
3. I sent an email to my doctor a few days ago explaining my health/emotional/hormonal/physical issues.  I was immediately called and asked to come in for an appointment to talk to her.  A shout out to Dr. Ott, Thanks for seeing me today!!
2. I only shower every other day and justify it by saying that my hair is too dry when really I just want to get an extra 10 minutes of sleep time before getting up.
1. I want my husband to get his vasectomy (scheduled) so that I can stop sweating every time I think about getting pregnant again.  Or maybe that is the hot flashes?

This was only 10 but I know that I can go on.  So there it is.  Sorry if I tainted your positive image of me and the family.  Reality is that we are human and trying to keep 4 kids alive.  It isn't always pretty and not even close to perfect.  Don't think for a moment that I would change things because I wouldn't.  I feel like I can love life even when I am not happy with the moment.  I think this is what keeps life interesting.  If we didn't have any issues or problems to work through then what would we do with our time?  Dirty diapers and dishes?  Nah, I am efficient so that stuff takes no time at all.  I am not looking for sympathy, but wanted everyone to know that I have up times and down times.  My roller coaster just can't get off the ground for right now.  Maybe I can be a new inspiration for those that just sometimes want to hear that someone else is also on the down slope.  Sometimes we just need to say, "I did it!  I admit it!".  Being honest can be hard, but is really refreshing.  I figure those that love me will stand by my side (even when I didn't shower).

What do you want to come clean about today?

16 Weeks Old

The girls are closing in on 4 months soon.  Wanted to give you an update on their progress.  Well they are EXCELLENT.  Sleeping a solid 9 hours every night, not too fussy, and incredibly adorable.  They have been smiling and talking like crazy.  But they are girls so that is to be expected.  They are working on some tummy time in the pictures.  Jocelyn has started to roll over.  No more leaving her alone on the couch.  Aaliyah is still a little bigger than Jocelyn and she has some great hair!  I never knew that I needed these two girls in my life until they showed up.  They are amazing.  I am able to watch them grow much easier this time because I know what to pay attention for.  However, if makes me feel like they are growing too fast.

Aaliyah is in the pink and Jocelyn is in the green.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Brett and I have lived at our home since the summer of 2004.  We haven't been all that neighborly until we started our family.  Our neighbors Matt and Nikki have a boy, Max, that is one month older than E and B.  And they recently had a little girl, Lily, that is a month younger than A and J.  Our neighbors on the end unit have two boys (5 and 2).  You can find our driveways full of toys, remote control cars speeding down the road, kickball bases drawn with sidewalk chalk, a soccer net, basketball hope, and kids running around everywhere.  We are pretty fortunate to live on the end of the street where we utilize the Hammerhead as a play area.  Neighbors are very nice and when driving they approach our hammerhead with extreme caution.  We have a hard time keeping Ethan and Bennett inside.   

Another added benefit of having neighbors with kids is that our Ethan and Bennett's toy collection doubles yet Mommy and Daddy don't have to store it.  No reason for any of us to have our own toys since they all share.  We constantly find our balls and toys in the neighbors garage.  Many times you will find a kid in your garage rummaging through your ball bucket but it isn't your kid.

Ethan doesn't believe in using the door.


Our kind neighbors bring Ethan and Bennett raspberries from her mom's raspberry patch.  They are delicious but messy!  This is definitely an outside activity.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Toilet Paper

They were acting so cute and innocent before this finding.  I got them to sit together on the chair and smile at the camera.

They disappeared for a while and there was silence.  Then I discovered where they had been.  Charmin is for sure making money off of us.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Eva, Dale, and their son Coen came back to Minnesota for a visit.  We had a week full of activities which I will write more about later.  Coen is 2 weeks older than Ethan and Bennett, however, his vocabulary is about 100x more than E and B.  The best was listening to yell out "Eva" and "Dale" to get his parents attention.  Man he is a cutie and the boys played well together.  Coen struggled with having toys stolen from him, but we encouraged him to take them back.  Ethan and Bennett are used to this battle.

  The boys are for sure going to be buddies.   You have to love these guys.  Such goof balls!

So this was my first attempt to get a picture of all three of them.  It didn't go so well.  They took off the minute I sat them down.

So I solicited some help from the adults.  Dale and Eva wrestled them down, but it still was not working.  We ended up with a pretty good picture but Dale's hands are in it.  He is commanding them to stay with his magic hands.  It was pretty funny and they look amused!

 The best picture I was able to get.  3 boys in their diapers!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

my van doesn't lie...i'm a mom

****I actually wrote this a while back, but was hoping to get a picture of one of us squeezing our body in and out of the back of the van to retrieve the girls.  It just wasn't happening.  So just this week when I was on my way to work and I took in a huge sniff to catch the fragrance of Ethan's anesthesia vomit (he pucked twice on the way home) it reminded me that I still had this post.  My car still smelled the morning when I got in.****

When we found out we were having twins again we made the dreaded purchase of a mini van. We had swore that we would never do it. Then again we never thought we would have 4 children. It is pretty interesting watching us load up the van. The boys car seats are in the captain chairs in the first row. The girls are in the very back bench seat. We discovered that it is easier to go through the hatch in the back, life the infant carriers over the back of the seat, and click them into the bases. This maneuver requires me to stand in the trunk, prop my feet on the bumper while I smash my stomach into the back seat, and then hoist the girls out. You should see how people look at us when they see this act. Especially when the boys heads are popping out of the trunk because we set them in there to wait while we retrieve the girls. One time when we were getting out to go to the mall I watched this car slowly, slowly go by our van and point while Brett was trying to get the girls out of the car from the trunk. Not to mention that it was POURING rain. I was watching from the sidewalk overhang with the boys.

So here are my top reasons why my van doesn't lie...

-we specifically bought the van with a DVD player and now we sing the theme song to Dora the explorer and wonder pets ("This is serious!" I feel for you if you know that I am quoting Ming Ming)

-my CD player doesn't hold 6 cd's but only one that blares B-I-N-G-O and Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes

-i am in need of purchasing a cordless hand vac to suck up the cheerios on the van floor. every time i hear a crunch under my foot it makes me cringe

-there are extra diapers and wipes in the back seat pocket next to the atlas

-there is a stroller permanently in my trunk and toys hanging from the ceiling safety handles

-it isn't a new air freshener scent, but the sweet smell of a sippy cup being left in the van for over 24 hours when the temperature hit a scorching 95 degrees

This is real, I am a mom. Don't make fun that in the few moments that I drive alone I will throw on my $10 Baby Phat sunglasses from TJ Maxx, turn the radio to KDWB and sing to Katie Perry's California Girls in my desperate attempt to feel cool.

Aaliyah's PT Appointment

Aaliyah had her second PT appointment with Elaine (Jocelyn came with too and showed off her tummy time talents).  Elaine had a student with her, Nikki, who also helped out.  Elaine worked Aaliyah hard, but she handled it really well.  Barely any fussing.  Aaliyah is still not the fan of stretching her ear to her shoulder.  We are being referred on to the Craniofacial clinic at Children's.  There they will do measurements and evaluate Aaliyah's plagiocephaly.  Elaine mentioned that she seems like an ideal candidate for the CranioCap.  It will help even out her ears and face, however, the flat spots have gotten a little better.  Sounds like they do the head scan at Children's which is then sent to Gillette to have the cap made.  Hopefully if she gets the cap she will only have to wear it for a few months.  I don't want to cover up that gorgeous hair for too long.  Thanks to JC for making the trip to the hospital with me.  You were a natural with a baby strapped onto you.  

Monday, September 20, 2010


Ethan and Bennett learned how to use forks. They love to eat food off of silverware. We have been teaching them to to "poke" their food. They also have been using plates. A few plates have been flipped over but for the most part they are doing really good with this eating transition. Our boys are growing up!
Sometimes they still don't quite get it.

Ear Tubes

E and B had their ear tube surgery today. They are happy owners of a new ear drainage system. The surgery went good. We arrived early (7:00am), boys changed into the hospital pajamas (and played with some toys), we got the run down, and at 7:45am they have Ethan the "purple medicine". Given his demeanor change it must of been pretty good stuff. They were a little goofy and in a different zone than us. Ethan went back first and then they took Bennett. The surgery is very short. Only about 15 minutes. But then they had to wake up so we were childless for about 30 minutes. Ethan came back a little sleepy and drank some juice. Bennett came back crying and then the dam broke. For about 45 minutes we dealt with glass shattering screams and inconsolable children. We were the life of the party around there. We tried everything, even a Barney video and I hate that purple dinosaur. I felt bad for all the other patients that were about to go into their surgery. We didn't help in creating a stress free environment. Before they handed out ear plugs to everyone on the unit, they decided to let us go. We had crying for the majority of the car ride. Ethan feel asleep so we hit a couple of drive thrus and then headed home. We left the hospital about 10:00am and got home around noon. Thank goodness Nanny Molly was home when we arrived. She took over and I went to pump. I made it back down stairs about 2 and a half hours later. Not telling what I was doing, but it has three letters and starts with a N. The boys had a nice long 2 hour nap and have been doing just fine. We are excited to see if the tubes have an affect on their verbal development and we are looking forward to an ear infection free winter. Glad I took this picture before they had their surgery otherwise I am sure I would have never gotten one.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

ENT Appointment

The boys had their ENT appointments last week. It was determined that they would be getting ear tubes. Their chronic ear infections and sickness have made them ideal candidates for ear tubes. They did get a hearing test too. Results showed that they were in normal range even though Brett and I don't think they can hear us. Maybe they just aren't listening to us. We hope that we have an uneventful winter due to ear tubes, neb treatments, and antibiotics.

Ear tube surgery is scheduled for Monday, September 20th. We will let you know how it goes!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Who parks a car in their garage?

Brett and I have made the big sacrifice and given our garage over to a playroom. This fall we have really enjoyed this extra square feet. Brett put an epoxy floor down which is really nice. He added extra shelving above the garage door. We moved some toys outside. And Brett also rigged up a board to make a flat bed in our wagon for the girls. Brett set up this snow fence to corral our children inside. So far we have only had one escapee. I'm organized and Brett is inventive. We are a great team. Did I mention that Nanny Molly loves her new play space.

Ethan: Our Little Clown

Thumb Suckers

I am not very excited about this, but Aaliyah and Jocelyn have found their thumbs. Like I said before they love their nuks, but if they don't have one then they improvise. The problem with this is that we can take away a nuk but can't take away their thumb. I should know, I was a thumb sucker when I was a little kid. Look at what happened to my thumb. I am forever scared from my thumb addiction.

RAW is a Mommy! Introducing Stella Maria!

Stella Maria is the daughter of my long time friend Rachael Anne. Stella was born in August and is a little peanut compared to my chunks. She is absolutely adorable and looks so much like her dad. I was lucky to be able to go visit them at their house a few weeks ago and later that same week they came down to meet Aaliyah and Jocelyn.A little bit about my best friend Rachael....

It was 1998 and both of us had graduated from high school the prior spring. We were on our way to the prestiges school of Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. Our only communication prior to this freshman move in day was a phone conversation which made me think that Rachael was a goth freak that wasn't excited about anything in life and Rachael thought I was a preppy chearleader with more energy than any person should be allowed. We thought our room mate match up was doomed, but little did we know that we were exactly what we needed. Rachael turned out to be a kind, funny, and very caring friend. I called her Rachael Anne Smart, because man she was smart!! Regardless of her hiding my bobby pins and scissors in places that don't need to be discussed and me dropping my used kleenexs and cutting my toe nails from my top bunk we loved each other! Football season brought us close and Jerry Springer and disco dance parties brought us closer! We were inseparable and even worked at the same after school daycare together. Kids' Kingdom was some good days. We took a few classes together, but pretty sure that Physics for Poets kicked my butt more than hers. Thank goodness I took it as a pass fail. Rachael and I made some unforgettable memories and even some we would like to forget. She was independent, strong, and not interested in ever changing her name. I thought I would get married, have children, and live happily ever after. Wow, look at us now. I remained a Lamon and she quickly changed her's to Warner. I guess it still keeps her initials RAW so I am ok with that.

RAW and I have remained great friends even after 12 years. We have not always been close, but were able to retain our long distance relationship. We don't have to talk every day or see each other on a regular basis to know that if we needed something that we would be there for each other. She is an amazing person always there to challenge me and lift me up when I need it most. Rachael of course is an outstanding mommy. She has a stellar partner and their daughter is one lucky little girl!
Best Friends!
Don't get jealous Stella. This just means Daddy is ready for a second baby.

Nuk Wars

Nuks have become a hot item at our house. Aaliyah and Jocelyn love to suck on them and Ethan and Bennett love to steal them out of their sister's mouths. One day the boys even fought over a nuk which is pretty funny considering there are about 20 of them floating around our house. From the look of the pictures you would think that Bennett had the upper hand and was for sure going to come out victorious. Ethan is a little stinker and held tightly onto the nuk to the end. Bennett let out his battle cry for everyone to hear.Ethan is such a nice older brother that he is attempting to give the nuk back to his sisters. Little does he know that there is a right and wrong side to put into their mouth. I have not seen a successful gifting of the nuk yet. One time he did get it Aaliyah's mouth but pulled it right back out. Not ideal.
You may have been worried about the boys stepping on the girls during the battle. I was too so they did get transferred to their swings behind the fence. You will be happy to know that just 5 days ago we took the fence down. Aaliyah is in pink and Jocelyn in red. Ethan still tried to get to them, but no dice.
Overall this was a great day! A feel that a day without any kids falling off the couch is a good one!