Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zhu Zhu Pets

For Christmas last year we got our niece the very desired toy of the year, Zhu Zhu pets. Ethan and Bennett enjoyed watching them run around on the floor. I always had intentions of picking some up for the boys and just got a round to it recently, however, they must have changed their opinion on liking these little hamsters that go on their own. The boys didn't mind them in the box, but weren't so excited when they started to hear their squeaks and noises. Just watch the video and yes we may be a it cruel. It was very difficult to laugh. Even today if we put those toys on the ground E and B will screech and run into your arms.
My great idea for a toy went really bad! I don't know if others experience this, but sometimes I think I buy toys for the boys because I really think they look cool. There are a lot of new things out there that we never had. The Zhu Zhu pets caught my attention because recently they came out with a new line. It is called Kung Zhu pets. Basically a boy version of the hamster. I was able to pick up a green one, Rivet, for Ethan, and blue one, Stonewall, for Bennett. They are hilarious. I am sure that soon they will warm up to these critters.


Three is a Magic Number said...

OMGoodness. That is so funny. So much like something we would do to our kids and laugh.

Anonymous said...

why do parents get so much joy from their kids' pain? What a riot!