Monday, August 9, 2010

Workin' Girl

I know it seems as though I disappeared. I have good reason. Last Monday I started back at work. So today is the start of my second week. In general life is pretty chaotic and then you add working on top of that, I just couldn't get ahead. So work is good. Actually, work is GREAT! With E and B I was not as excited to go back, but this round I was looking forward to getting back in the saddle. Unfortunately my maternity leave after the girls were born was cut short (only 8 weeks) again since I had bed rest on the front end. Luckily the girls and I are surviving the separation. The first week at work I spent a lot of time getting familiar with schedules, meeting lots of new volunteers, and letting staff know I was back. Many of my co-workers follow my blog so they are keeping up with the changes in my life. I was greeted with open arms starting with my office partner and friend, Lisa Munson. For a second time she ran the program without my assistance and did an outstanding job. She is amazing and I am very fortunate to be on her team. In addition to Lisa, there is my vibrant director, Sandy Bergeron, that is always there to remind me about the Children's mission and motivate me to bring joy to the patients and families at Children's through the generous service of volunteers. She always talks about how there is never a day that she leaves work thinking that volunteers didn't make a difference and never a day that she doesn't look forward to going to the hospital. Not many people can say this, so I feel fortunate that I have experienced and achieved this level of satisfaction. Sandy is an inspiration to our department and myself. I hope to some day to have as many incredible accomplishments as her.

Thank you to my friends in Volunteer Services (Sandy, Lisa, Jenna, & Ben) for welcoming me back to the team with a smile! I am forever grateful for this opportunity!
In the picture is MJ, Alice (volunteer service's mascot), Sandy, and Lisa.

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