Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ethan and Bennett are 16 months old!

We had an appointment last month for the boys. I am a little behind, big surprise! It was their 15 month appointment. We actually took all 4 kids in at the same time. Talk about a little chaos. We lined them up to get them weighed and measured. That part went pretty smoothly. It was the wait for the doctor that was tricky. The girls got hungry, the boys were restless, and Bennett figured out how to take his diaper off so when the doctor came in he was naked.

Boys Stats
Weight: 22 lb 8 oz - 20%
Length: 30.5 inches - 25%
Head: 18 inches - 10%

Weight: 23 lbs 25%
Length: 31.5 inches - 50%
Head: 18.5 inches - 40%

As you can see Ethan has bypassed Bennett and now is bigger. Makes sense considering he is older (by 3 minutes). After the appointment with Dr. Richards I had a few more to make for follow up. It was decided that the boys needed to go to an ENT considering their chronic ear infections. They also mentioned taking out their adenoids. Bennett also needs to go see an opthamologist. He has a lazy eye and it is time to get it checked out. Don't forget that we have to also go back to the pulmonol0gist. Argh!

We have reached a new milestone at the Lamon Scott house. The boys can now go DOWN the stairs on their own. Thank goodness!! Making 3 trips carrying kids down the stairs was a bit much. They really like the stairs and sometimes play on them. We even leave toys on the landing so they have a new place to hang.

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