Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aaliyah's PT Appointment

Last week Aaliyah had her first physical therapy appointment with my friend Elaine. Elaine is a Physical Therapist that works at Children's Hospital on the St. Paul campus. It was interesting being the client rather than employee. I coordinate about 30 volunteers that are involved in the developmental and rehabilitation department so I have had the opportunity to get to know the staff well. So I know that Elaine is the best around town! Elaine even had her volunteer with her on the day we had our appointment.
Update on torticollis...Elaine did her assessment and we realized that Aaliyah is now preferring her left side. Before it was her right side. She has started to develop a flat spot on the left side as well. So we overshot the side preference. Elaine felt the muscle that was shorter/tighter was more in the back of the neck rather than on the side. She referred to her as a "combination torti." Elaine was impressed with her head stability and she is able to look both ways. When Brett and I found out that she had torticollis we started doing neck stretches immediately. I think that they have helped with her neck movement and why Elaine was so impressed when I brought her in. We try to hold Aaliyah up in our lap as much as possible and make her support her head. And of course as much tummy time as she can tolerate or that we can remember to do.
It was also reccommended to get her a "Noggin Nest" by boppy. I just ordered them from amazon. It has the cut out in the back to help take pressure off the back of her head. We want to minimize the flat spots from continuing to misshape. We also plan on looking into the CranioCap to help with the plagiocephaly. For more information on the CranioCap click on this link. It is the brochure at Gillette: http://www.gillettechildrens.org/fileUpload/CranioCap.pdf.
Elaine refreshed me on the stretches and taught us this football hold stretch. Believe me Aaliyah is getting a good stretch while Elaine is holding her. Good thing she has a nuk in her mouth. I am so fortunate to work for Children's who in turn can care for my children. Elaine you are an amazing person! I am lucky that you can help Aaliyah with her physical therapy. Thanks a ton!

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Nancy said...

I really recommend the hotslings, and they theoretically should help with tort. b/c they keep babies head off of a hard surface. It also gives you a way to give a little loving touch to her and tend to the boys while keeping your hands free. My babies LOVED the sling because it gave them an interesting an ever-changing view. We used them alot til they were about a year old. Now they are 18 months, we still use them occasionally.

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