Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 Month Check-Up

Here are the stats for the girls from their 2 month appointment earlier this month.

Weight: 10lb 12 oz - 50%
Length: 22 inches - 45%
Head: 15 inches - 40%

Weight: 10lb 3 oz - 40%
Length: 21.5 inches - 25%
Head: 15 inches - 40%

The girls got their first round of shots and they barely cried. Our nurse even commented on how they barely made any noise. Jocelyn is great, however, Aaliyah has Torticollis.

What is torticollis?
Torticollis is a neck deformity. The sternocleidomastoid muscle is shorter than normal. This causes the head to tilt toward the side of the short muscle, and rotate toward the other side. The head and face may be asymmetrical.

We are taking Aaliyah to physical therapy at Children's St. Paul this week. She is going to see my PT friend Elaine. We have been doing stretches with Aaliyah since the doctor diagnosed her with Torticollis. Because she prefers to turn her head one direction she is always laying on the one side (right side). This is what has caused her cheek to droop and push the right ear forward.

Commonly kids develop plagiocephaly when they have tortcollis. Plagiocephaly is basically their head flattening on one side because they are always laying their head in the same position. PT does not fix this. Most the time it usually corrects itself. If not, infants can wear CranioCap Orthosis. CranioCap orthosis is a custom-made brace for the skull. It can help fix the placiocephaly and make an infants head round again.

I will know more after the appointment this week. At least I have one out of the four kids that didn't require additional appointments with specialists after their well visit.

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The Bormann Family said...

Both our boys had torticollis as well. Dylan worse than Carter. Glad you are doing exercises now! I think if we had started the exercises sooner we could have avoided the cranial caps and even after having those their heads have a little odd shape to them. They would always sleep with their heads tilted in the same position and then they started to get flat really fast. We even did a ton of tummy time, include many naps on the tummy (I know you are supposed to) and they still got really flat. 3/4 - you will be busy with specialist appointments!