Friday, July 9, 2010

Update on Colds

So yesterday Bennett woke up screaming from his nap. We watched him tug his ear and throw his body around while he cried. We were sure he had an ear infection. Earlier that day we called into the doctor because they hadn't kicked the sickness yet and were advised to make an appointment for Friday. We did make an appointment, but still decided to take Bennett to Urgent Care for an ear check. He came back with no ear infection. So this morning we had our doctor appointment and Bennett had ear infections in both ears!! I guess this stuff can change quickly, but I had to chuckle when she looked and saw red in his ears and the day before they saw nothing. We must be getting pretty good at diagnosing our kids early on. Ethan is still sick as well. They did another chest x-ray and it looked pretty good. We are in week 4 of this and the doctor thinks we may have picked up a second cold. The boys are back on meds.

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The Bormann Family said...

I'm surprised Urgent Care didn't say ear infection. I swear everytime we go there they say ear infection and have been questionable.

Hope everyone gets better soon.