Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thanks Grandma Cheryl

I have had the luxury of having lots of help with the boys as I care for the girls and heal from the c-section. My mom has contributed a lot of time to our needy house. She was up for partial weeks for 3 weeks in a row, plus when we were in the hospital. Lucky for us she is "retired" which if you know my parents you know that retirement has a whole different meaning. Retirement to them is new projects and endeavors. So we are lucky that mom squeezed us into her work schedule. A few highlights from mom's stays.

I came home from Target one day to find this baby barricade. Mom had built it to prevent the boys from messing with the girls. Very resourceful. Mom had her fair share of messy clean ups. Ethan is so grateful that Grandma loves him so much that she doesn't mind cleaning up the spit up that he was spinning his ring in.
The boys have learned to throw balls. And now they like to throw everything. One visit mom went home with a busted lip because Ethan threw a book at her face. You can understand why she is so cautious in the picture below where Ethan has a block and ball. I actually caught the block in route as it hit mom in the chest.
Grandma also took them for a Burley walk. They like their Burley.
Thank you for all your help mom! We couldn't have survived these first few weeks without you!

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