Thursday, July 15, 2010

my first day solo

So we are still in the midst of my first day and can you believe that I am actually putting up a post? I am shocked myself. The children are all sleeping! So yes, I have managed to keep them all alive thus far. There has been two falls from the couch, a cell phone hit Jocelyn in the head, Bennett fell on Aaliyah's foot, a few milk melt downs, a lot of food thrown off high chair trays, Ethan caught under the patio recliner trying to retrieve a ball, an eye poke, several diaper changes, Tupperware lids all over the kitchen floor, a tired mommy, and one photo session. I understand that what I did to take the first picture was dangerous, but today we are living on the edge with one against 4. This was the best one of getting them kind of looking. We keep trying to get one of all 4 and we will keep going until we get it.
Here was our attempt two nights ago. Brett is inches away to rescue a girl if needed.

Cross your fingers....I am actually going to try to squeeze in a nap. Don't call or text for the next 45 minutes! He he!

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The Bormann Family said...

Hope you made it through the rest of the day!!!

I was exhausted just after reading this post. I bet you will remember this day for the rest of your life. I am amazed and still not sure how you are doing it, but you guys seem to be doing great!