Saturday, July 31, 2010

Diagnosis = Asthma

Yesterday we went to see a pulmonologist which is a lung/respiratory specialist. Ethan and Bennett were diagnosed with Asthma. The "A" word was mentioned a few times by past doctor's, but it was made official yesterday. The boys are on some more medications and 2 nebs a day until we go back and see the doctor in 5 weeks. There is a chance that this will take care of itself as they get older. The boys have also really been sick for the past 2 months which is odd because it is not even the cold season yet. Right before we left on vacation on Sunday Brett ended up taking Bennett to urgent care. No surprise, he had ear infections in both of his ears again. The pulmonologist took a look at their ears too and verified they both have fluid. He said that it would be a good idea to see an ENT which we were planning on talking to their doctor about it at their 15 month appointment next week. Yes, we will be taking all 4 of them in to the doctor next Tuesday. Should be interesting. The pulmonolgist also put in lab orders for the boys to get their immunity's and allergies checked. Ethan and Bennett had their first blood draw. They did remarkably well. I was really impressed. They barely even cried. So we are on a care plan and we will see where that brings us.

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