Saturday, July 31, 2010

8 Weeks

The girls are 8 weeks today. They are on their second cold in their short life, surviving two older brothers, still getting up in the night, and doing great. We have their 2 month appointment next week so then we will know how big they are, but we are guessing they are getting near the 10 pound mark. I have already started putting away clothing that they have grown out of. The girls are really different than Ethan and Bennett. They don't nap quite the same and have way more awake time. By this time E and B were also sleeping 6 hours and we haven't quite gotten there yet. Working on it! Also, the girls love nuks and the boys could have cared less. It is exciting to see how they will grow up differently than the boys.

Brett and I, well we are surviving. There isn't a dull moment around here. We are always busy and when there is down time we are moving onto the next activity to keep ahead. On Monday I return to work. I will return to my .9 schedule and see how things go. I am excited and have missed Children's a lot. Brett is working hard at home and at work. This weekend he is installing the last of the garage shelves. Can never have too much storage.

Ethan and Bennett have been getting more "aware" of their sisters. We have decided that it isn't safe leaving the 4 of them together without an adult. I caught Ethan throwing a wood puzzle piece at Jocelyn. It hit her right in between the eyes. E and B slap at them. Really they slap everything and there just happens to be these small human objects that they find interesting. They are learning what the word NO means.

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