Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 Weeks Old

The girls are 5 weeks old as of this weekend. At night they still get me up about every 3-4 hours for feedings, but being in their crib has been going great. I think they are adjusting. It is no surprise that they are getting bigger. I am guessing they are at least 7 pounds. And Jocelyn is catching up fast. I took a picture of them stretched out. You can barely see a difference so it is a good thing that Aaliyah has more hair so we can still tell them apart. These past couple of days Nanny Molly came to help with the boys so that means the girls went and played. We made it to Somerset to visit my sister, Woodbury to see Jenny, and St. Paul to see my co-worker Lisa. We made a few shopping stops too. It has been really nice to get out of the house. I am on my own starting tomorrow afternoon and the rest of the week. Say a little prayer for me! The girls took a snooze on our bed. Look at that smirk on Aaliyah's face.

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Unknown said...

I'll say a BIG prayer for you - just in case you need it!