Thursday, July 1, 2010

4 Weeks Old

By the amount of times they want to eat it is no surprise that they have been growing. The last weigh in stats were:

Aaliyah - 6 lb 11 oz

Jocelyn - 6 lb 2 oz

In 4 days Aaliyah gained 4 ounces and Jocelyn gained a whopping 8 ounces. Mom calls Jocelyn the little piggy. They are still sleeping a lot, but today were much more alert. We are hoping to start some baby wise action next week. Next week the girls will also be moving out of our bedroom and into their nursery. They are getting a little too close in the bassinet. I took a picture of the girls heads to show you the red hair they have, but it doesn't how very well. Aaliyah has more hair. Probably something to do with her getting more of the nutrition in my tummy. They still have their colds. The medicine ended today, but their noses continue to be filled with snot. I know that both the girls are in purple, but we are just trying to get by with the onesies we have. These are the only NB onesies and they will only be in these for a few more weeks. Jocelyn is in the solid purple and Aaliyah is in the flower print.

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Nancy said...

What a beautiful family! You guys sure are ambitious taking on home improvement alongside your new arrivals! Our twins are all much older and we STILL can't handle home improvement!

I'm glad we ran into you at Sam's and totally pumped that there is another couple out there (only a city away!) with two sets of (some) identicle twins! I guess we don't feel like such oddballs anymore!

FYI-to help tell them apart, we also had a quasi-color system. I also recommend naming your photo files with thier initials as soon as you get them on your computer. So for ours, it is always #######hins.jpg (initials in order that their faces appear in the photo from L to R!)

My blogs are (family blog) and one I am just starting to rewrite our journey from my personal diary entries starting with the first set of twins to the second set now. That one is

Blessings to you all!