Saturday, July 31, 2010

Diagnosis = Asthma

Yesterday we went to see a pulmonologist which is a lung/respiratory specialist. Ethan and Bennett were diagnosed with Asthma. The "A" word was mentioned a few times by past doctor's, but it was made official yesterday. The boys are on some more medications and 2 nebs a day until we go back and see the doctor in 5 weeks. There is a chance that this will take care of itself as they get older. The boys have also really been sick for the past 2 months which is odd because it is not even the cold season yet. Right before we left on vacation on Sunday Brett ended up taking Bennett to urgent care. No surprise, he had ear infections in both of his ears again. The pulmonologist took a look at their ears too and verified they both have fluid. He said that it would be a good idea to see an ENT which we were planning on talking to their doctor about it at their 15 month appointment next week. Yes, we will be taking all 4 of them in to the doctor next Tuesday. Should be interesting. The pulmonolgist also put in lab orders for the boys to get their immunity's and allergies checked. Ethan and Bennett had their first blood draw. They did remarkably well. I was really impressed. They barely even cried. So we are on a care plan and we will see where that brings us.

8 Weeks

The girls are 8 weeks today. They are on their second cold in their short life, surviving two older brothers, still getting up in the night, and doing great. We have their 2 month appointment next week so then we will know how big they are, but we are guessing they are getting near the 10 pound mark. I have already started putting away clothing that they have grown out of. The girls are really different than Ethan and Bennett. They don't nap quite the same and have way more awake time. By this time E and B were also sleeping 6 hours and we haven't quite gotten there yet. Working on it! Also, the girls love nuks and the boys could have cared less. It is exciting to see how they will grow up differently than the boys.

Brett and I, well we are surviving. There isn't a dull moment around here. We are always busy and when there is down time we are moving onto the next activity to keep ahead. On Monday I return to work. I will return to my .9 schedule and see how things go. I am excited and have missed Children's a lot. Brett is working hard at home and at work. This weekend he is installing the last of the garage shelves. Can never have too much storage.

Ethan and Bennett have been getting more "aware" of their sisters. We have decided that it isn't safe leaving the 4 of them together without an adult. I caught Ethan throwing a wood puzzle piece at Jocelyn. It hit her right in between the eyes. E and B slap at them. Really they slap everything and there just happens to be these small human objects that they find interesting. They are learning what the word NO means.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friends are priceless

Most of you know my friend Jenny who works for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-day. She has been a huge support to me and my family. She spent long hours keeping me company while on bed rest and fills in to watch the kiddos when she can. I have many great friends out there, I'm not forgetting about all of you. Just wanted to say thanks to my pal. Jenny is really the definition of an outstanding friend. Not only does she love me, but she loves Ethan, Bennett, Aaliyah, Jocelyn (and of course Brett). She does everything for those she cares about and for those that she doesn't even know. Check out her blog post: Reasons why I walk For those of you that have friends out there like Jenny make sure you never let them go! Remind them today how grateful you are that they are in your life!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We missed Nanny Molly!

Last week Nanny Molly came to take care of the boys two days. Oh, we have missed her! It was fun to see the boys play with her again and get some outdoor time. I was able to take care of only the girls so I took full advantage and got some errands done and visited my sister. It was a treat to just have the two kids. Luckily Nanny Molly is coming back next week for a couple of days and in August will be here return. I have proven that it is possible to take care of all of these kids alone and we are very confident that Super Nanny can do it too! Thanks for being so amazing Molly!

First Outing by Foot

This was from a few weeks ago, but we went for a walk one night. It was our first outing ever with all four. Even though it was on foot it felt like an accomplishment.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

my first day solo

So we are still in the midst of my first day and can you believe that I am actually putting up a post? I am shocked myself. The children are all sleeping! So yes, I have managed to keep them all alive thus far. There has been two falls from the couch, a cell phone hit Jocelyn in the head, Bennett fell on Aaliyah's foot, a few milk melt downs, a lot of food thrown off high chair trays, Ethan caught under the patio recliner trying to retrieve a ball, an eye poke, several diaper changes, Tupperware lids all over the kitchen floor, a tired mommy, and one photo session. I understand that what I did to take the first picture was dangerous, but today we are living on the edge with one against 4. This was the best one of getting them kind of looking. We keep trying to get one of all 4 and we will keep going until we get it.
Here was our attempt two nights ago. Brett is inches away to rescue a girl if needed.

Cross your fingers....I am actually going to try to squeeze in a nap. Don't call or text for the next 45 minutes! He he!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 Weeks Old

The girls are 5 weeks old as of this weekend. At night they still get me up about every 3-4 hours for feedings, but being in their crib has been going great. I think they are adjusting. It is no surprise that they are getting bigger. I am guessing they are at least 7 pounds. And Jocelyn is catching up fast. I took a picture of them stretched out. You can barely see a difference so it is a good thing that Aaliyah has more hair so we can still tell them apart. These past couple of days Nanny Molly came to help with the boys so that means the girls went and played. We made it to Somerset to visit my sister, Woodbury to see Jenny, and St. Paul to see my co-worker Lisa. We made a few shopping stops too. It has been really nice to get out of the house. I am on my own starting tomorrow afternoon and the rest of the week. Say a little prayer for me! The girls took a snooze on our bed. Look at that smirk on Aaliyah's face.

Fourth of July

For the Fourth of July we went to the Eagan parade. Brian and Tina happen to live in a town home right on the Yankee Doodle route so we had very easy access to some good seats. In the picture of the Scott family you can see the edge of their house behind us and the road was right in front of us. It was awesome. So this was our first outing as an entire family. It actually went really well. We have confirmed that we all fit in the van. The boys did like the parade. They watched intently and didn't run off on us. They stayed on the blanket but I think that has something to do with the fact that they don't like grass yet. I think they don't like how it feels on their skin because when we sit them in it they pout. I have decided that the family picture is about the best that it is going to get with all the kids. 3 of the 4 are looking away and Aaliyah and Jocelyn didn't smile. Oh well! So we didn't get out to see fireworks, but listened to the from our basement as we worked on installing the cabinets. It would of been too loud for the girls anyway. It was a really good Fourth of July.

Friday, July 9, 2010


We did an experiment while Brett was on vacation. We cut the boys hair on our own. We did one with a clippers and the other with a scissors. Brett actually did both of the boys hair. I was impressed. Bennett got the clippers and Ethan got the shears. It was not the happiest night for the boys.

Suzie, doesn't Bennett look a little like Logan? I'm not going to lie, I kind of miss their long hair. It will grow back.

Dresses are so much fun!

Thanks to lots of thoughtful friends we have very cute dresses for the girls. It has been fun getting them ready for outings. I love to watch Brett dress them and put on the diaper covers. Just a little different than boys. Thanks for the dresses Mags and Maria!

Update on Colds

So yesterday Bennett woke up screaming from his nap. We watched him tug his ear and throw his body around while he cried. We were sure he had an ear infection. Earlier that day we called into the doctor because they hadn't kicked the sickness yet and were advised to make an appointment for Friday. We did make an appointment, but still decided to take Bennett to Urgent Care for an ear check. He came back with no ear infection. So this morning we had our doctor appointment and Bennett had ear infections in both ears!! I guess this stuff can change quickly, but I had to chuckle when she looked and saw red in his ears and the day before they saw nothing. We must be getting pretty good at diagnosing our kids early on. Ethan is still sick as well. They did another chest x-ray and it looked pretty good. We are in week 4 of this and the doctor thinks we may have picked up a second cold. The boys are back on meds.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Don't forget about E and B

Everyone has been so excited to meet the newest Lamon Scott's and hold a baby when we show up. I want to make sure with all the commotion of the two little girls Ethan and Bennett don't get lost. These two boys still make our day everyday! They have their own language that we are pretty sure the two of them understand, but it is foreign to us. Ethan can now say the word "baby." If you ask Bennett to say something his response is still, "dada." Ethan can chant mama but I don't think he has connected that to me yet. Men should feel pretty lucky that most children's first word is dada (even though it is way easier to say than mama).

The boys are walking great. I bought some shoes for them and they didn't really like them. Bennett would pretty much cry until we took them off. We have been struggling with shoes. We want them to wear them so we can put them down outside, but so far they have hated them. Then we started noticing marks in their feet from the shoes. We wondered if they were too small. So we sucked it up and took them to Stride Rite. $70 later we have two pairs of sandals that fit great and they are keeping them on their feet. The past two days Brett has spent lost of time outside with the boys breaking them in.

We are in a new stage. It is the "don't abandon me stage" otherwise known as separation anxiety. For the most part these dudes are pretty good at doing their own thing, but they have these break downs when we come and go from a room. Bennett's tantrums are actually pretty hilarious. He puts his forehead on the ground and crawls forward until his head runs into something. Hard not to laugh. The laughter helps take all the loud crying. I was waiting for this moment to come and I think that it has arrived. I try not to feed into it too much and let them figure their frustration out. There is lot of snuggling going on around here.

Updates on colds. E and B still have this lingering horrible cough and some runny noses. Girls are still congested but taking it pretty good. They are tough. Brett is off this week so we are hanging out and getting some projects done. Projects or this week: Electrical in the basement (done!), girls room arranged with cribs (done!), clean boys room (done!), basement organized, garage shelves hung, and Lots of family time!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thanks Grandma Cheryl

I have had the luxury of having lots of help with the boys as I care for the girls and heal from the c-section. My mom has contributed a lot of time to our needy house. She was up for partial weeks for 3 weeks in a row, plus when we were in the hospital. Lucky for us she is "retired" which if you know my parents you know that retirement has a whole different meaning. Retirement to them is new projects and endeavors. So we are lucky that mom squeezed us into her work schedule. A few highlights from mom's stays.

I came home from Target one day to find this baby barricade. Mom had built it to prevent the boys from messing with the girls. Very resourceful. Mom had her fair share of messy clean ups. Ethan is so grateful that Grandma loves him so much that she doesn't mind cleaning up the spit up that he was spinning his ring in.
The boys have learned to throw balls. And now they like to throw everything. One visit mom went home with a busted lip because Ethan threw a book at her face. You can understand why she is so cautious in the picture below where Ethan has a block and ball. I actually caught the block in route as it hit mom in the chest.
Grandma also took them for a Burley walk. They like their Burley.
Thank you for all your help mom! We couldn't have survived these first few weeks without you!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

4 Weeks Old

By the amount of times they want to eat it is no surprise that they have been growing. The last weigh in stats were:

Aaliyah - 6 lb 11 oz

Jocelyn - 6 lb 2 oz

In 4 days Aaliyah gained 4 ounces and Jocelyn gained a whopping 8 ounces. Mom calls Jocelyn the little piggy. They are still sleeping a lot, but today were much more alert. We are hoping to start some baby wise action next week. Next week the girls will also be moving out of our bedroom and into their nursery. They are getting a little too close in the bassinet. I took a picture of the girls heads to show you the red hair they have, but it doesn't how very well. Aaliyah has more hair. Probably something to do with her getting more of the nutrition in my tummy. They still have their colds. The medicine ended today, but their noses continue to be filled with snot. I know that both the girls are in purple, but we are just trying to get by with the onesies we have. These are the only NB onesies and they will only be in these for a few more weeks. Jocelyn is in the solid purple and Aaliyah is in the flower print.