Monday, June 7, 2010

Were you wondering what we were doing before we came to the hospital?

This post entry was actually named "Fireplace Progress" and I had it saved to post after the fireplace had the grout done. So now you might want to know how this relates to us coming to the hospital to delivery some babies???

Well, I was pretty sure that I was starting labor on Friday. Contractions were much more often and getting stronger. This didn't stop us from spending time with some friends who actually offered to even spend the night "just in case". I told them that we cold make it till tomorrow, but they didn't really know that I had plans so it wasn't an option to go to the hospital quite yet. The night was horrible and I think that I got about 2 hours of shut eye. I was up early and trying to get Brett motivated. I had already decided that we were going to the hospital, but not yet. We had a little work to get done. It was my last day to nest so Brett buckled in for the ride. I think his only light at the end of the tunnel were Aaliyah and Jocelyn.

So Saturday morning, Brett grouted the fireplace, hung hooks in the girls room, and hung a large shelf in the office area. I had called mom earlier in the morning (7:45am) and she decided to head to the cities "just in case". She also didn't know that I had some projects to finish before we left for the hospital. I think it about killed her watching us move around the house and me yelling at her for the time to measure my contractions. We did finally leave at 4:30pm. In the car ride to the hospital contractions were 5 minutes apart. See it all worked out great!!

The fireplace pictures below are of the fireplace progress minus the grouted photo. I didn't get a snap shot before we left. Trust me, it looks good!

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