Monday, June 14, 2010

time to go home - June 8th, 2010

We had their going home outfits ready. They were size preemie and fit perfectly. Brett spent the morning packing up, taking trips to the car and adjusting the car seats to fit our precious treasure. We were just waiting for my discharge which came around noon. It was time for us to go! For those of you that remember my panic attack on the way home with the boys will be happy to know that we didn't have a recurrence. We got onto the interstate and Brett asked me if we should take the next exit to pull over in the funeral home parking lot to verify they were still breathing. We had the big mirrors in the truck, but I barely even checked them. The house did not feel like it was a million miles away this time and that cars were coming out of no where to hit us. I was a safe and relaxed trip. Brett and I actually had casual talk on the way home. See the second time is different.

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