Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hospital Stay

We had a nice and short stay. It was as long as the first time around. It is amazing how the second time this experience is different. Lots of things were different about it, but overall I felt like it was easier minus the c-section. Nurses came in and out, but instead of having a load of questions for them we would chant, "we are doing good!" We did manage it all pretty well on our own. We were also ready to go on Tuesday. We were missing Ethan and Bennett and couldn't wait to get home to get our family together. I actually think we had a little extra time on our hands when we were at the hospital. Brett managed to log into work and I was much better at blogging than I have been since we made it home. One thing that happened during our stay which actually turned about good was at 6:45am we woke to loud drilling. They were doing construction under us in the OR rooms. We were moved to the anti-partum unit (I remember this unit well from February of 2009 where I had a 10 day stay while pregnant with the boys). We were upgraded to a huge room. We could of thrown a party in it. I added some pictures from the hospital stay. A got a picture of Brett sleeping with the girls. We were told that we can't spoil them right now so we did a lot of sleep holding.

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