Saturday, June 5, 2010

Estimated Time of Arrival - 6/5/10 8:00pm

Hijack alert! Hijack alert! This is Brett and I have commandeered the blog. MJ is not available to do a blog post because she is prepping for surgery. C-section, ho!! We are at the hospital and have received news that the docs believe her contractions were close enough together to warrant delivering. Stay tuned and we will give you folks in blogville one of the first looks at Jocelyn and Aaliyah...

The last tummy picture, 37 weeks 1 day
MJ's a bed hog


Annie said...

Love you guys!! Can't wait to meet the girls!!

Jenny said...

Am I the only one checking this blog every 15 minutes looking for photos? I am so excited for you guys. These babies are all so lucky to have you as their parents! Enjoy this special time with your new family!