Sunday, June 6, 2010

Delivery @ Methodist Hospital - 6/5/10

Hello from Methodist Hospital. Last night we welcomed two new Lamon Scott's to the family.

Aaliyah Lamon Scott - 6 lbs 10 oz - 20 inches - born 8:09pm
Jocelyn Lamon Scott - 5lbs 9 oz - 19 inches - born at 8:11pm

We have 20 fingers and 20 toes. The best part is that they are both very healthy. They did spend the night in our room so we did not get that much sleep. We are working on the nursing thing. The C-section experience was a tad different that the first time around. It was just a little rougher than I remember. They said that everything was totally normal and that every time it is different even for the same person. But there has been some better parts of this experience like the girls were bigger so they weren't swept away from me. I got to see them and spend a little time with them even though it was from a horizontal position. Dr. Brown was our delivering doctor. Brett was right there to hold my hand until it was time to pull the girls out. They do have some hair. It is actually a light blonde red. That red is a Scott gene. Today we have just been watching TV and enjoying our sleeping girls. They won't keep sleeping like this forever. Wow! We are glad that this day is here! We feel very fortunate for the health of these girls. We really look forward to raising them along with their brothers. This has been one crazy adventure. Amazing how you have these things growing inside of you and then all of the sudden they are there. Ready to poop and demand milk. All I could say when I was laying there getting stitched up is how happy I was. Brett's eyes said it all!

We are missing Ethan and Bennett and hope that they will be able to meet their new sisters soon!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to those beautiful and perfect little girls!!

My eyes are full of tears of joy for you are your amazing family!!

Great Job Mama!!

And congrats to all four of you!

Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful and we wish you all the best. (That means laughter and sleep.) We are very happy for you! Blessings to all 6 of you! Auntie Peggy & Uncle Tim