Monday, June 7, 2010

Days at the Hospital

The girls (and us) are FAB! We are getting to know each other which mostly consists of them snoozing while they cuddle on top of us. Brett can be a baby hog, but I get my fill with the additional responsibility of nursing. I would be delighted if Brett could participate in this multiple daily activity. The girls have lost a little weight which is too be expected. Jocelyn dropped down far enough to require the car seat testing. Cross your fingers she will pass tonight. Dr. Pratt checked in with us and will be coming again tomorrow to give us our discharge orders. She was happy to see that the girls were at a good weight. I think she knew that we wouldn't make it till Wednesday (scheduled c-section) after she took the cerclage out last week. I think she knew that I also knew. If you ask me, I was in charge of the delivery date the whole time.

We have been lucky to have many visitors, but we will be on our way out of this place tomorrow and back to "real life" which involves two busy little boys too. Not sure how we will manage it, but don't worry it will be managed. Grandma Cheryl, we will see you, Ethan, and Bennett tomorrow!

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Auntie M said...

Two are six!!!
Precious babies, beautiful family, you are truly blessed.
Thanks for sharing all of the steps along the way with all of us!

Suzie and I are making some plans to drive up there next week to a little vist and cuddle time - good thing there are one for each of us!

Love it that there is six times as much to love!