Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Brothers - First Meeting

Ethan and Bennett came on Sunday night to meet their new sisters. Grandma and Grandpa brought them. It was a little chaotic in the tight room and they were a little tired from being off schedule. Bennett was a little more interested in the girls than Ethan. But Ethan was a little more tired too. Bennett reached out to touch them and we caught some smiles so he must be excited for sisters. The funny part was their arrival. Mom forgot to load up strollers so she found a wheelchair to give them a ride to our room. They got "BIG BROTHER" stickers too. Grandma Cheryl is working hard at holding our house together until we get there today. A little change in their schedule builds flexibility. We will have this week to pull the schedule together. It is a little scary thinking about how this is all going to work. I keep trying to run it through my head but there are too many unpredictable factors and things out of my control. The pediatrician (Dr. Albright) saw the girls this morning and did a discharge exam. Jocelyn passed her hearing screening this morning and passed the car seat challenge last night. The girls are ready. They might just make it home before me. Just waiting for my doctor and the orders. Sequence of events after this are a home visit from a nurse an then a follow up appointment with Dr. Richards at Eagan, Park Nicollet. Let's not forget that we will also squeeze in some newborn pictures with our favorite photographer. I get to get some use out of those projects I worked so hard on.

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LadyP said...

So adorable! They will be a big help, sometimes!!!