Tuesday, June 15, 2010

At Home - Boys meeting their sisters take 2

These pictures are from the afternoon that we arrived home on June 8th. The girls took their first snooze in the bassinet in our living room. The boys got to explore the babies a second time. They were not impressed. They touched them, but we are pretty sure that they think they are a toy. The nice part is that the boys are not really interested so we don't have to worry to much about them attacking the girls. Probably the best case scenario. We will have our days where we will have to pull fighting children apart. I am going to be very grateful for this time. The worst melt down was when we pulled out a bottle to supplement and Ethan and Bennett realized that the bottle wasn't for them. We did end up giving them a bottle, but it was the last bottle that we have given them. It is true, we are officially on to sippy cups. Really enjoying the playtex twist and click brand.

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