Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2/3 Family Photo

Not a complete family photo. Just 2/3 of us. Jocelyn is Purple and Aaliyah is Pink. Can't wait to get home to see Ethan and Bennett today.

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Scott, Andrea, & Lincoln said...

Hi MJ. My name is Andrea and I came across your blog through "The Bormann Twins'" blog. That family is friends with one of my very good friends Autumn Kline from college! So from following their blog I went into the Bormann's blog, and since they have twins I noticed many of the blogs they follow are families with multiples. Your blog name caught my eye, "pairsquared", I thought OMGosh how cute! I had to peek and I've been following it for the last few months watching your progress with your second twin pregnancy! Your boys (and now girls) are adorable!!!! I have fraternal twin nephews that are 13 now and my best friend has fraternal twin daughters that are 17 months now. :) I have a very deep respect for you girl, to be able to have 2 sets of twins under 1 1/2!!! You are 'more of a woman' than I!!!! :) I'm very impressed with the length of time you were able to carry your twins and how wonderful their weights were!!! I'm a nurse, so I like the medical stuff. :) That is wonderful that you didn't have complications with them being early or anything. :)
You're so lucky to have 2 and 2, how fun!!!! I hope you don't mind my following your blog, I just love it! Congratulations to your whole family and best of luck!!!