Wednesday, June 23, 2010

18 days old

Aaliyah and Jocelyn are 18 days old! Remember these pictures of the two babies smooshed into a boppy next to each other. The girls are doing good and gaining weight. The last weigh in put Aaliyah at 6 lb 7 oz and Jocelyn at 5lb 12oz. So the happenings in our house this past week...well, we have 4 sick children. I remember when all four of us (Brett, E, B, and myself) were sick last year. It was horrible. So now we have 4 sick children, but the upside is that Brett and I are managing to dodge the germs. It started with Ethan and Bennett having a cold which was passed to Aaliyah and Jocelyn. Yesterday we ended up taking the girls to urgent care in the AM and then the boys to the doctor in the afternoon. The girl's colds turned into ear infections which according to the doctor is not very common for such little infants and the boy's colds turned into pneumonia. The boys both had to have the dreaded chest x-ray. Everyone is on medication. Thank goodness for the target medication color system. You know how they ask every person to pick a personalized color so that you don't confuse your medicine with another person in your family. Never thought I would actually need to use the color system for this function. Good thing Target has 6 colors because we max them out. This morning there was a positive turn for the better. The girls eyes were not matted shut and the boys were much happier. Things are starting to look up.

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