Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Grandmas & Grandpa

Brett and I are very fortunate to have some grandparents still with us. We will treasure these pictures of the girls and them. Grandma Scott and Grandma and Grandpa Polson stopped by to see the girls. They got a lot of attention this day!

Great Aunts & Uncle Ron

We have had a lot of visitors since the girls were born. Most of them come bearing food. We are not going hungry around here. All the kindness we have been shown is amazing. The Aunts that are pictured are Aunt Carol and Aunt Jane. We got a picture of Uncle Ron with Bennett, because everyone was hogging the girls so he didn't get to hold one of them until the end.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank You to the Perinatal Clinic

Dear Park Nicollet Perinatal Clinic~

I am not going to try to mention names for fear that I might forget someone, but this letter is long over due. THANK YOU to the whole team at the Park Nicollet Perinatal Clinic for providing me with the outstanding care in not only one twin pregnancy, but a second twin pregnancy. I was very happy to see everyone at my follow up appointment a few weeks ago. It is with mixed feelings that I write this thank you because I will miss seeing everyone dearly. The weekly appointments that became part of my routine were made enjoyable. You all made coming to the clinic often bearable, however, I know my journey with pregnancy has come to an end. More children are not in the plans (and really what are the chances for twins again?) and my family is complete. I feel that I owe this miracle of 4 to the team. Two high risk pregnancies that had happy endings was the result of everyone diligently paying attention to my babies and creating a care plan that would take us to the end. I know that we would not be here without all of you.

For the check in staff ~ Thanks for the reminder phone calls without giving me the long message since I had weekly appointments and knew the run down. Thanks for remembering my name and just checking me in so that I could sit down and not wait behind the person in front of me. Thanks for giving me a stamp on a post it because I had the knack of misplacing the parking ticket on the way in from the ramp to the office. It was nice to walk into the office and see your happy faces. You set the stage for a pleasant experience.

For the schedulers ~ Thanks for dealing with my sometimes chaotic schedule. Making attempts to squeeze me in for an appointment. Given the amount of times I was coming to the clinic I didn't make it easy on you.

For the radiology techs ~ Thanks for all the great pictures that I plan to scrapbook in their baby books. Thanks to the tech that reported we were having girls and celebrated that news along side of me in the absence of my husband. Thanks to the techs remembering that I liked the sponge under my legs and that long times on the back caused nausea. Thanks to the tech that "practiced" 3-D on the girls. Getting those pictures made the whole thing more real and I treasure those pictures. Thanks to all of you for being outstanding at what you do. Creating a calmness at sometimes stressful appointments and assuring me that my babies were doing great.

For the nurses ~ Thanks for reminding me that I looked beautiful even when the number on the scale kept increasing and my ankles kept growing. Thanks for being a assuring voice on the other side of the phone when I had questions or concerns. Thanks for listening to me and making the appointments comfortable and expedient. I was always greeted with a smile and "how are you doing today?" It is the small things that really made a difference. Having you part of my care meant the world to me.

And for my doctor ~ Thanks for helping me grow 4 beautiful and HEALTHY babies! I never expected to be on this journey, but with your help and guidance I always felt confident in the arrival of my children. I knew that with your knowledge and experience I would be able to keep the babies cookin' and make it to the end. I wasn't always happy with my restrictions, but I know you were doing what was in the best interest of getting my family here safely. And really, I would have never learned how to crochet if you didn't put me on bedrest. Thank you for listening to me at appointments, providing me with all the facts, and helping me make the best decisions. You are an amazing doctor with a talent for keeping people going when it seemed like it might come to an end. I will always remember your last visit at the hospital, how you celebrated with me the birth of the girls to make my family 6 and the excitement you showed at my last appointment. I feel very lucky that I had you as my doctor. There is no doubt in my mind that I landed in your office by chance. It was your gifted hand that we needed to make it through this ride. I forever will be grateful for the outstanding care that you gave me and my babies. You are truly an extraordinary doctor!

Even though I didn't mention names, I know you all know who you are. I am sending a huge thank you and hug to the team. Keep doing what you do. Hopefully this will be a reminder that you do make a difference.

Your past patient,
Molly Jane

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

18 days old

Aaliyah and Jocelyn are 18 days old! Remember these pictures of the two babies smooshed into a boppy next to each other. The girls are doing good and gaining weight. The last weigh in put Aaliyah at 6 lb 7 oz and Jocelyn at 5lb 12oz. So the happenings in our house this past week...well, we have 4 sick children. I remember when all four of us (Brett, E, B, and myself) were sick last year. It was horrible. So now we have 4 sick children, but the upside is that Brett and I are managing to dodge the germs. It started with Ethan and Bennett having a cold which was passed to Aaliyah and Jocelyn. Yesterday we ended up taking the girls to urgent care in the AM and then the boys to the doctor in the afternoon. The girl's colds turned into ear infections which according to the doctor is not very common for such little infants and the boy's colds turned into pneumonia. The boys both had to have the dreaded chest x-ray. Everyone is on medication. Thank goodness for the target medication color system. You know how they ask every person to pick a personalized color so that you don't confuse your medicine with another person in your family. Never thought I would actually need to use the color system for this function. Good thing Target has 6 colors because we max them out. This morning there was a positive turn for the better. The girls eyes were not matted shut and the boys were much happier. Things are starting to look up.

Olympic Rings

Brett has been training Ethan and Bennett for the 2030 Olympics.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update on walking

Well it was part of the deal that Ethan and Bennett needed to figure out how to walk by the time that the girls were born. So I have two videos, one of the boys at the beginning stages of walking and then on of the boys walking in May. Nanny Molly helped with the second one. I am happy to say that they are really getting around and are very busy boys. They sometimes look like drunk sailors and fall on their butts but we do feel better about them walking around. Brett even takes them outside to play in the hammer head driveway. They chase the tennis balls (a new favorite toy). A few times I have been in my room feeding the girls and I could hear Ethan and Bennett outside screeching with excitement.

Monday, June 21, 2010

CJ, Dade, and Simi

We took this same picture when the boys were born so we had to duplicate it. It was nice to see the family! Look at how much Dade and Simi have grown. Apparently Dade hasn't gotten a hair cut since the boys were born.

With the girls
With the boys

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sleeping Arrangements

The first pictures are from the day that we got home from the hospital. The girls sleep in the pack and play bassinet in the living room. It is just short enough for the boys to step on their tip toes and drop toys in. They also figured out how to "rock" the girls to sleep by pushing on the side. At night time and most of the day he girls hang out in the bassinet in our room. I put a picture of the boys in the same bassinet under the girls. It seems like we were just here. The boys have been spending a lot time playing in our room as well. You can see they are using the dvd's as a stool to reach the VCR. Yes, we still have a VCR in our bedroom. Talk to Brett about it because he won't let me get rid of it.

And then sometimes there is a daddy nap. Those are Aaliyah and Jocelyn's favorite place to sleep.

Newborn Pictures - My Favs

Stats from Aaliyah and Jocelyn's first Dr. Appointment...
Weight: 6lb 2oz - 10%
Length: 20 inches - 50%
Head: 13 inches - 5%

Weight: 5lb 7oz - 3%
Length: 19 inches - 25%
Head: 13 inches - 5%

And now more newborn pictures. My favs!


For Ethan and Bennett's first birthday they got swings from my friend Lisa. We hung them under our deck. They are next to each other so that one person can push them at the same time. At first they didn't really react to the swinging but didn't complain either. I think the more we do it the more they are starting to like it! Thanks Lisa!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Family Complete

Could it get any better than this? p.s. we will not be getting a dog

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nana & Papa Scott

Sandy and Bruce came right over when they returned from visiting Izzy in CA. We have been lucky to see a lot of them recently. They are very helpful to get everything accomplished with four children. They can even handle all four at once!

Sippy Cups

Here is the proof that it is official. They are doing great with the transition (once we got through the melt downs). My boys are growing up!

At Home - Boys meeting their sisters take 2

These pictures are from the afternoon that we arrived home on June 8th. The girls took their first snooze in the bassinet in our living room. The boys got to explore the babies a second time. They were not impressed. They touched them, but we are pretty sure that they think they are a toy. The nice part is that the boys are not really interested so we don't have to worry to much about them attacking the girls. Probably the best case scenario. We will have our days where we will have to pull fighting children apart. I am going to be very grateful for this time. The worst melt down was when we pulled out a bottle to supplement and Ethan and Bennett realized that the bottle wasn't for them. We did end up giving them a bottle, but it was the last bottle that we have given them. It is true, we are officially on to sippy cups. Really enjoying the playtex twist and click brand.

Monday, June 14, 2010

time to go home - June 8th, 2010

We had their going home outfits ready. They were size preemie and fit perfectly. Brett spent the morning packing up, taking trips to the car and adjusting the car seats to fit our precious treasure. We were just waiting for my discharge which came around noon. It was time for us to go! For those of you that remember my panic attack on the way home with the boys will be happy to know that we didn't have a recurrence. We got onto the interstate and Brett asked me if we should take the next exit to pull over in the funeral home parking lot to verify they were still breathing. We had the big mirrors in the truck, but I barely even checked them. The house did not feel like it was a million miles away this time and that cars were coming out of no where to hit us. I was a safe and relaxed trip. Brett and I actually had casual talk on the way home. See the second time is different.

Finally a full family picture

We are still hoping to get one from our favorite photographer, but we snapped up the chance with my sister helping us out. Notice the side of Bennett's face. He had a little run in with a cousin and a toy. It happens. He is a stud though and only cried a little.

Got Grandkids?

This ones for Grandma and Grandpa Lamon. My sister's and their families visited this weekend. We were able to get a photo of all the grand kids. There are 9 of them. This would be all they are getting. Unless someone else has plans. Count me out!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Newborn Pictures Sneak Peak

I gave you one to get you interested. Click on the link to go to Annie's blog where there are a few of her favorites. More to come. Annie Torrini Photography