Wednesday, May 26, 2010

They're Back!

Again, I'm nesting. We went and did some organizing in the girls room. We pulled the swings out of the closet and were able to set them up on the living room now that the gigantic tv is gone. These things take up their fair share of space too. But the good news is that we won't have to have them around too long. So if you think about it we will only have these swings in our possession for about 20 months. So less than 2 years will large baby equipment take up space. I promise that I will be selling these the first chance I get after the girls are over them. So we have made some more changes to our once decorated living room. We moved the containers from the diaper changing table up to the shelves. We needed more space for the girls clothes to come to the living room. It seems kind of weird to house all the kids clothes in the living room, but you can't deny the convenience factor. Still plenty of space for toys on the shelf and also excited to get some of those big toys down to the basement.
Since we moved the containers then we upgraded on the baby changing table. Red baskets are the girls clothes and blue are the boys. It is true, I am an organization queen!
Some additions to the girls room are new curtains! Made by Grandma Cheryl. Fabric of course purchased from Pine Needles. Also, got some organization with polka dot bins to hold their clothes. Just got a shelf for above the changing table. Hope to get that up soon. Brett is really sick of this nesting phase.

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Anonymous said...

Ok...What swing is that?? And do you love it? I am looking to register for a swing and cant decide!