Monday, May 31, 2010

Pool Party

Happy Memorial Day! We had a few friends over to help us reclaim our garage. All of our furniture made its way to its new home in the basement. We celebrated with a really cold pool party and grilling. Thanks to our friends for helping us. By the pictures I think that Bennett enjoyed the pool more than Ethan. The water was pretty cold so we couldn't tell if they really liked it. Right now Ethan is our little explorer. He just wanted to take off and walk around. It was nice that we had extra eyes to watch over them. They are becoming better walkers. Still falling a bit, but pretty tough and didn't cry to much even when they fell on the cement. We got them Teva sandals for this summer. They have been getting better about wearing shoes. I think it helps that these shoes actually fit their feet and are light weight. Before when we would put shoes on they would cry until they could get them off. It was a great memorial day!

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