Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Set Up Shop

Our bedroom has kind of turned into crafting central.  Been wondering what MJ has been up to during her hours on bed rest?  Well, I will show you.  I first took over Brett's work desk and I also established the top of the dresser to store my bins of yarn for crocheting and knitting.  See I am not just sleeping my days away as many as you might think I am.  Our bedroom floor is now covered with yarn, thread, flower plastic stems, etc.  Thanks for sacrificing some space for me Brett.
Then of course because I needed more to do I decided to make some headbands.  It started with wanting to make them for the baby girls.  I saw a lot of them being sold on etsy and other sites.  The were selling anywhere from $6-$20 and I felt like I could make them.  The first two pink ones are for Aaliyah and Jocelyn.  I liked the dainty flowers that wouldn't overtake their head, but I am a fan of the obnoxiously big flower headbands as well so I made the gerber daisy ones.  Aailyah is Pink and Jocelyn is Purple.  I did not crochet the headbands.  I bought them off Amazon for a cheap price.  I did research on crocheting these headbands and everyone was in agrees that it was easier to just purchase them since they were so cheap.  The last two headbands I made for my friend Tara to do a test drive with these.  Wasn't sure if the very think elastic cording would stay on a person's head so she is my guinea pig.  Thanks to my friend Pammy for helping me do some brainstorming and research on headband supplies.  In case anyone is interested in glass jewelry, my friend makes some pretty cool stuff.  You can usually find her at the local art fairs.  Check her out:  

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