Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun Times as Brothers

These are a few old videos and pictures (notice the long hair). Seriously, all the time these boys will be doing some goofy stuff together. I really feel like we have an advantage here with twin boys. They love being by each other and doing the same thing. The newest things they are doing right now...

1. Discovering old toys in a different way. I catch them analyzing their toys a little more and manipulating them more than just experiencing the taste of plastic.

2. They figured out how to put their balls into the dino toy and gumball machine. They even have been trying to put other toys into the same holes. Doesn't really work, however, the square block did jam up the gumball machine.

3. They are walking and then falling and then standing back up and falling and standing up and walking and falling. That is the pattern. They will officially be walkers by the time their sisters are here.

4. They have discovered people. Meaning they are aware when we are in the room and when we are not in the room. If they fall and get hurt you will catch them scanning the room looking for a person to feel sorry for them. For the first time they have shown a preference for people. I would have to say that we have not had issues with separation anxiety or fear of strangers, yet. Probably has something to do with all the friends and family that are part of their lives and assisting with their care.

5. I feel like they have caught onto what is going to happen when we bring them upstairs. As you start crawling the stairs with them they will start to wine. I think it is because they know that their crib is at the end of that rainbow. They have still been sleeping through the night, with exception of a few teething nights. We have tried transitioning to one nap a day. A couple of times successful, but other days we were kicking ourselves for not putting them down for the AM nap. We have gone to doing this day by day watching for sleepy signs. So far, so good.

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