Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For the Girls

I finished a couple of more projects for the girls. Still have at least 2 more on my list. The headbands below were not planned, but I found this great stretchy yarn at Joann's that was my inspiration. The hats are from a pattern that I found on etsy. I want to make a pink and purple version that is smaller too. Still working on the boy beanie hats. I have made two more with a different pattern. I think this pattern might be the one, but the visor part is tricky. Still workin' on it.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for stopping by and for telling me your story! It gives me a ton of hope.

BTW, the boys are gorgeous!!

And I love those headbands! I cant wait to see the girls (but I hope they stay in long enough to get all the house stuff done!)