Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Before bed rest I did do one applique project.  This was my very first time appliqueing.  I did the "B" and "E" on blankets that I made (well, with the help of Mom and Grandma) for the boys.  Looks good on the picture, but really are not that great.  I am getting better and I have proof.  My mom has been coming up to assist with caring for Ethan and Bennett so I have taken advantage of her sewing skills.  I can honestly say that I did actually make the next two items by myself.  Mom was always on stand by for questions.  The diaper covers is a pattern that I got from my cousin Suzie and Aunt Marcia.  They own Pine Needles Quilt Shop. It is perk to have family that are in the business especially when you are looking for the perfect fabric for a project.  They also sent me some white diaper covers that I want to embroider and then put bows on the legs.  My mom has an embroidery machine.  Well since I made blankets for the boys it was only fair that I also make some for Aaliyah and Jocelyn.  The bottom project is the start of their blankets.  I got the letters on, but did send the blankets home to Grandma to be finished.  After making those diaper covers I have a new appreciation for Grandma's skill to sew on minky fabric.  It might have something to do with her Cadillac sewing machine.  It is stretchy and moves around on you.  Suzie helped me pick out fabric and then it had to be delivered to Eagan.  I am kind of a high maintenance customer.  The front sides of the girls blankets are pink and purple polka dots.  Perfect for the girls!  Mom is leaving today which is sad.  It is fun to have her here to play and work together.  Sometimes even take naps together. 

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