Tuesday, May 25, 2010

35 Weeks - Rescheduled....dang nab it!

At the appointment yesterday I found out that the girls and I are doing great so we have been rewarded with an extension on the delivery date. Yea....BLAH! Emotionally this will be a little challenging since I was ready to make it just one more week and now there is a chance that I will go farther. Really it makes sense. I am not officially full term until 37 weeks so they want me to make it as far as possible. Nights will not be great, but really that comes with the territory. Not much getting around this. I asked me doctor if she really thought I would make it and she just said, "we'll see." Not a lot of faith and I really I wasn't totally convinced I was going to make it to June 2nd. Maybe my doctor got word that we were working on our basement and she wanted to see more progress before the girls were born. I have already convinced myself that I am making to at least Sunday. My family has to deliver urns before they come up and there might be a chance to get the laminate flooring down. Ha, I talk like this is all in my control, but these girls have a mind of their own and will ultimately decide when they want to come. In the end I won't have a say.
So we are rescheduled for June 9th. Change it on your calendars.

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Anonymous said...

Im keeping my fingers crossed that you get some rest!!