Wednesday, May 19, 2010

34 Weeks - Lungs are fully developed and drywall is hung!

Hello! Sorry I was slacking on this one. I just really didn't have much to report after my appointment on Monday. In general I feel pretty good. Nights suck! I remember this time last pregnancy. It was when I started dreading going to bed because I just knew that I wouldn't get much sleep and would feel crappy. So we have been staying up later at night which I don't mind. Back to my was just fine. All is good in the baby growing land. My cerclog is holding and we are on schedule. One thing I did ask her about was the possible nursing strike that is scheduled the day before my surgery. My doctor was practicing during the last nursing strike in 1984 and she assured me that babies were still born. My c-section is not an elective surgery that they would put off. Whew! Sounds like the nurses are voting today so I should have a better idea before the date.So I do have many reasons to make it farther in this pregnancy. Of course the biggest is that it is best for the girls. At the 34 week mark the lungs are fully developed so this is a great milestone to pass. I am going to disclose a couple of personal reasons why I am keeping these babies in (I say this like it is my decision). Don't judge me, I'm just being honest. 1. Babies are stronger, less time in the special care nursery, and we can all go home together. (this is the biggest reason), BUT ALSO 2. The basement project will be father along. Hehe!

If the basement floor goes in before the girls are here, we can get all the large furniture in the living room to the basement. This would include the large screen TV in the living room. We need to get the baby swings and bassinet in the living room and we don't have the space right now. We have been doing a lot of stuff around here to get ready. Brett is really sick of me nesting which means he is sick of doing work around here. So we swapped out the kitchen table with our old one in the basement. (Thanks Mike and Mags!) It is shorter and more kid friendly. It also allows us to move around the dining room better. The down side is when the boys play under it and decide to stand up they crash their head into it. We have considered having them wear their bike helmets all the time. We rearranged the living room, yet again. I think it is mostly in the position that it will be once everything is done. I don't have pictures of the basement but will get some. The drywall is hung so that was a huge step! Today the gentleman doing the mudding and taping is starting. Hopefully able to be done by the weekend. Next step after that is painting and then the flooring. We are so close....I can taste it.

A big thank you goes out to my Dad and Rick Sjarpe for helping us out. They have been coming to the cities to work on the basement. We wouldn't be this close if it wasn't for the two of them. This is real love because I will mention that my Dad and Rick are in the middle of remodeling my mom and dad's kitchen. The have taken time out from this project to work on ours. I think that the local restaurants have benefited from my parents lack of kitchen. Thanks! We love you both!

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