Tuesday, May 25, 2010

12 Month Appointment

We finally got the boys to their 12 month appointment. They are actually 13.5 months old though. The day that it was planned for was the day after I went on bed rest. It just took us until now to get them in. Unfortunately I was not able to go since I had my own doctor appointment. Seems like Brett managed well. I sent him some questions and notes to go over. I put them on Hello Kitty stationary and apparently the staff thought it was funny. The boys are doing great. They managed the shots fine. Below are their stats.


Weight: 21 lb 12 oz - 25%

Length: 30 inches - 30%

Head: 18 inches - 20%


Weight: 22lb 1 oz - 30%

Length: 30 inches - 30%

Head: 18.5 inches - 50%

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Anonymous said...

Is the red outfit E is wearing one we gave you? I swear Titus wore that same one! Awwww, memories! Great stats on the boys. Way to grow!