Monday, May 31, 2010

Pool Party

Happy Memorial Day! We had a few friends over to help us reclaim our garage. All of our furniture made its way to its new home in the basement. We celebrated with a really cold pool party and grilling. Thanks to our friends for helping us. By the pictures I think that Bennett enjoyed the pool more than Ethan. The water was pretty cold so we couldn't tell if they really liked it. Right now Ethan is our little explorer. He just wanted to take off and walk around. It was nice that we had extra eyes to watch over them. They are becoming better walkers. Still falling a bit, but pretty tough and didn't cry to much even when they fell on the cement. We got them Teva sandals for this summer. They have been getting better about wearing shoes. I think it helps that these shoes actually fit their feet and are light weight. Before when we would put shoes on they would cry until they could get them off. It was a great memorial day!


My friend and her little guy came over this weekend for a visit. I think this is the best picture of them. Owen is pretty serious looking next to my clowns. Good to see you this weekend Iz! Thanks for the lasagna!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby Jail?

Kelly and Paul came over last weekend to help with the basement so that means Ethan and Bennett had a visit from the cousins. They made this "fort" for them. They made sure that they couldn't get out, but at least they gave them some toys to entertain them. It must of not been that bad because Ethan and Bennett were in there for some time and also smiling. The basement is coming along. Even better news is that Paul and Kelly are coming back tomorrow to help again! We are very lucky!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

They're Back!

Again, I'm nesting. We went and did some organizing in the girls room. We pulled the swings out of the closet and were able to set them up on the living room now that the gigantic tv is gone. These things take up their fair share of space too. But the good news is that we won't have to have them around too long. So if you think about it we will only have these swings in our possession for about 20 months. So less than 2 years will large baby equipment take up space. I promise that I will be selling these the first chance I get after the girls are over them. So we have made some more changes to our once decorated living room. We moved the containers from the diaper changing table up to the shelves. We needed more space for the girls clothes to come to the living room. It seems kind of weird to house all the kids clothes in the living room, but you can't deny the convenience factor. Still plenty of space for toys on the shelf and also excited to get some of those big toys down to the basement.
Since we moved the containers then we upgraded on the baby changing table. Red baskets are the girls clothes and blue are the boys. It is true, I am an organization queen!
Some additions to the girls room are new curtains! Made by Grandma Cheryl. Fabric of course purchased from Pine Needles. Also, got some organization with polka dot bins to hold their clothes. Just got a shelf for above the changing table. Hope to get that up soon. Brett is really sick of this nesting phase.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nana Scott

Grandma "Nana" Scott came over a few days to spend time with Ethan and Bennett while I got to relax and crochet on the couch. I think they read this book about a dozen times! The love it! It actually is a book that I got from my friend Mags and Maria for the girls, but it has gotten plenty of miles already on it from the boys. Bennett really likes books and hold his attention a little longer than Ethan. I know that this will change a lot on us, but I predicted Bennett as the explorer and really we have seen Ethan taking on this role. He is out and about independently playing a lot more than Bennett. Bennett is a little more of a cuddlier, but really they both love to be picked up and with people. In addition to reading books, they also played with a toy that Nana had given them for their first birthday. They really like it. It has kind of been hidden on the back of the toy shelf due to its complexity, but more recently Nanny Molly started playing with it and so we started keeping it on the lower shelf. They don't understand the shapes, but know that the pieces go inside the box through the holes. They chew on the pieces, but that day that Sandy was there they played almost an hour with this toy. The other funny part is that the next morning I came downstairs and this is what I saw. Bennett sitting behind the couch by himself playing again with the shape box. I had to get a picture so Sandy knows how much they like their present.
So I wouldn't call myself a tree hugger, but I do like to be a little earth conscious. For example, I don't use plastic bags at stores. If I forget my reusable ones in the car, I am the person that stuffs as much that fits in my purse and struggles carrying out the rest to the parking lot. I have converted to natural cleaning products made from plants like Seventh Generation and Method. I recycle as much as I can. One of the things that was killing me was children's toys. All this plastic was coming into my house. Granted we inherited most of the toys and a lot of them were even used prior to their cousins, but I just couldn't fathom what would happen to these toys after they broke or it was their expiration. Then it became clear....wood! Why don't they make more toys from wood? Good news is that there are a lot of companies out there that make wood toys. They don't light up or make sounds, but do have lots of learning components. Down side is that they are more expensive, but they last longer so they are worth it. If you are interested in some of the ones we have, they are made by a company called Melissa and Doug. That is who the shape box is by. Check them out!

12 Month Appointment

We finally got the boys to their 12 month appointment. They are actually 13.5 months old though. The day that it was planned for was the day after I went on bed rest. It just took us until now to get them in. Unfortunately I was not able to go since I had my own doctor appointment. Seems like Brett managed well. I sent him some questions and notes to go over. I put them on Hello Kitty stationary and apparently the staff thought it was funny. The boys are doing great. They managed the shots fine. Below are their stats.


Weight: 21 lb 12 oz - 25%

Length: 30 inches - 30%

Head: 18 inches - 20%


Weight: 22lb 1 oz - 30%

Length: 30 inches - 30%

Head: 18.5 inches - 50%

35 Weeks - Rescheduled....dang nab it!

At the appointment yesterday I found out that the girls and I are doing great so we have been rewarded with an extension on the delivery date. Yea....BLAH! Emotionally this will be a little challenging since I was ready to make it just one more week and now there is a chance that I will go farther. Really it makes sense. I am not officially full term until 37 weeks so they want me to make it as far as possible. Nights will not be great, but really that comes with the territory. Not much getting around this. I asked me doctor if she really thought I would make it and she just said, "we'll see." Not a lot of faith and I really I wasn't totally convinced I was going to make it to June 2nd. Maybe my doctor got word that we were working on our basement and she wanted to see more progress before the girls were born. I have already convinced myself that I am making to at least Sunday. My family has to deliver urns before they come up and there might be a chance to get the laminate flooring down. Ha, I talk like this is all in my control, but these girls have a mind of their own and will ultimately decide when they want to come. In the end I won't have a say.
So we are rescheduled for June 9th. Change it on your calendars.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For the Girls

I finished a couple of more projects for the girls. Still have at least 2 more on my list. The headbands below were not planned, but I found this great stretchy yarn at Joann's that was my inspiration. The hats are from a pattern that I found on etsy. I want to make a pink and purple version that is smaller too. Still working on the boy beanie hats. I have made two more with a different pattern. I think this pattern might be the one, but the visor part is tricky. Still workin' on it.

Seeing Double

I am finally caught up on baby books for all 4 kids now. Thanks bed rest. I was doing the boys and just had this weird feeling that I was repeating myself. And of course I was. The boys first birthday pages look identical. Maybe a perk of having twins is that I can just copy most of the text and layout.One other benefit of having children close together is that we didn't give the company enough time to discontinue their baby book. So that means all the kiddos will have the same book. I got these books from a website called Red Envelope.

34 Weeks - Lungs are fully developed and drywall is hung!

Hello! Sorry I was slacking on this one. I just really didn't have much to report after my appointment on Monday. In general I feel pretty good. Nights suck! I remember this time last pregnancy. It was when I started dreading going to bed because I just knew that I wouldn't get much sleep and would feel crappy. So we have been staying up later at night which I don't mind. Back to my was just fine. All is good in the baby growing land. My cerclog is holding and we are on schedule. One thing I did ask her about was the possible nursing strike that is scheduled the day before my surgery. My doctor was practicing during the last nursing strike in 1984 and she assured me that babies were still born. My c-section is not an elective surgery that they would put off. Whew! Sounds like the nurses are voting today so I should have a better idea before the date.So I do have many reasons to make it farther in this pregnancy. Of course the biggest is that it is best for the girls. At the 34 week mark the lungs are fully developed so this is a great milestone to pass. I am going to disclose a couple of personal reasons why I am keeping these babies in (I say this like it is my decision). Don't judge me, I'm just being honest. 1. Babies are stronger, less time in the special care nursery, and we can all go home together. (this is the biggest reason), BUT ALSO 2. The basement project will be father along. Hehe!

If the basement floor goes in before the girls are here, we can get all the large furniture in the living room to the basement. This would include the large screen TV in the living room. We need to get the baby swings and bassinet in the living room and we don't have the space right now. We have been doing a lot of stuff around here to get ready. Brett is really sick of me nesting which means he is sick of doing work around here. So we swapped out the kitchen table with our old one in the basement. (Thanks Mike and Mags!) It is shorter and more kid friendly. It also allows us to move around the dining room better. The down side is when the boys play under it and decide to stand up they crash their head into it. We have considered having them wear their bike helmets all the time. We rearranged the living room, yet again. I think it is mostly in the position that it will be once everything is done. I don't have pictures of the basement but will get some. The drywall is hung so that was a huge step! Today the gentleman doing the mudding and taping is starting. Hopefully able to be done by the weekend. Next step after that is painting and then the flooring. We are so close....I can taste it.

A big thank you goes out to my Dad and Rick Sjarpe for helping us out. They have been coming to the cities to work on the basement. We wouldn't be this close if it wasn't for the two of them. This is real love because I will mention that my Dad and Rick are in the middle of remodeling my mom and dad's kitchen. The have taken time out from this project to work on ours. I think that the local restaurants have benefited from my parents lack of kitchen. Thanks! We love you both!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Grandma Cheryl AGAIN!

Grandma Cheryl helped out several days between the last two weeks. The boys had a great time with her. I think that Ethan has a special love for her. She even took some time to show him how to sew curtains. These boys will be well rounded. While she was up I also got mom to give them haircuts. She was really hesitant, but I told her to cut it like she use to cut my hair when I was a kid. For those of you that didn't know me as a child I had a boy cut for many years of my life. Mom didn't let me grow it out till 6th grade.

Hopefully mom won't be coming back till June 1st to take care of the boys while we are at the hospital. Cross your fingers!


Need I say more?


Ethan and Bennett enjoy shoving food into their mouth! These are some gerber wagon wheels that they find easier to just eat whole. They were able to smile even though they had a full mouth.

Fun Times as Brothers

These are a few old videos and pictures (notice the long hair). Seriously, all the time these boys will be doing some goofy stuff together. I really feel like we have an advantage here with twin boys. They love being by each other and doing the same thing. The newest things they are doing right now...

1. Discovering old toys in a different way. I catch them analyzing their toys a little more and manipulating them more than just experiencing the taste of plastic.

2. They figured out how to put their balls into the dino toy and gumball machine. They even have been trying to put other toys into the same holes. Doesn't really work, however, the square block did jam up the gumball machine.

3. They are walking and then falling and then standing back up and falling and standing up and walking and falling. That is the pattern. They will officially be walkers by the time their sisters are here.

4. They have discovered people. Meaning they are aware when we are in the room and when we are not in the room. If they fall and get hurt you will catch them scanning the room looking for a person to feel sorry for them. For the first time they have shown a preference for people. I would have to say that we have not had issues with separation anxiety or fear of strangers, yet. Probably has something to do with all the friends and family that are part of their lives and assisting with their care.

5. I feel like they have caught onto what is going to happen when we bring them upstairs. As you start crawling the stairs with them they will start to wine. I think it is because they know that their crib is at the end of that rainbow. They have still been sleeping through the night, with exception of a few teething nights. We have tried transitioning to one nap a day. A couple of times successful, but other days we were kicking ourselves for not putting them down for the AM nap. We have gone to doing this day by day watching for sleepy signs. So far, so good.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Biker Boyz

We purchased the helmets first which is a little odd considering I made it my whole life without ever wearing a helmet.  We would wizz around Lanesboro helmet less all the time.  I think we actually made fun of the city tourists that came into town with their helmets.  Brett already purchased his helmet and I guess I have to be a good role model and wear one as well.  You can be sure that it will be red and hopefully not too dorky looking.  We found the boys helmets from Craigs list from a woman who had two that her boys had grown out of.  It was only a matter of time until we secured the bike trailer.  As of this past week we are the new owners of a Burley.  After all the research it was the Burley that got the best ratings.  The boys like the Burley, but hate the helmets.  Mags took them on their first Burley walk and they even got comfy enough to take a nap.  Brett has done a few short bike rides which were a little less relaxing for them but I think it had something to do with the helmets.  Bennett did ok with the first try on, but as you can tell Ethan is not excited about foam cradling his brain.

We have tooth

These picture are compliment of my friend Mags.  She spent some time with the boys today and she got some really good pics with them smiling big so that you can see their teeth or really tooth.  We still don't have teeth, but both of them have a small part of their top right tooth that has made it through the gum.  They are going to have some large top teeth.  In addition to the fact that they are almost 14 months and have just started to get teeth (babies can start to get them as early as 6 months), I was told that babies also typically get their bottom teeth first.  Their bottom teeth are no where in sight.  Maybe we just weren't aware that "all they want for Christmas is their two front teeth." 

Since we have discovered teething we now blame all their crabby attitudes on teething pain.  We plan to use this excuse well into their terrible twos.  Thanks for your help today Mags.

Backwards Diaper

I won't disclose who put the diaper on backwards but her name starts with M and it wasn't Mommy.  Note to those that haven't tried the backwards diaper option yet, be prepared to change their clothes and crib sheets after a long nap.  Bennett didn't seem to mind.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

33 Weeks - 3D Ultrasounds

Doctor's appointment went great yesterday.  All looked great.  They did in fact do measurements.  I felt good to know how they are measuring.  The fluid is good and the doctor gave me the green light to go home and keep doing what I am doing.  So Baby A is measuring a little ahead of schedule and Baby B is a little behind.  But neither at a rate that is worrisome.  Stats for the girls are as follows:  Aailyah = Baby A = 4lbs 10oz and Jocelyn = Baby B = 4lbs 2oz 
One of the cool things that they did yesterday at the appointment was 3D ultrasounds.  I know that every week I go to these appointments and I get to see an ultrasound of the babies, but these pictures really made it real.  You can really see them and they are there and they are coming and SOON!  Brett hasn't made it to many of the appointments since I was given driving privileges so it was fun to share these with him.  Up in the left top corner it tells you if the picture you are looking at is A or B.  Jocelyn was very cooperative.  She even smiled for one picture and yawned for another.  Aaliyah is positioned pretty low so it is tough to see her.  The dark line on the right side of her face is the membrane.  The membrane separates the two girls in their own amniotic sacs.  How it was explained to me was that it is super thin.  They kick it around all the time and it moves very easily.  Notice on the pictures you can even see their hair.  We are really looking forward to their arrival.