Friday, April 30, 2010

Update on the boys

We are still a toothless and crawling household. The boys have been very healthy lately. No trips to urgent care or the clinic. This makes life a little easier. We can see that their teeth want to pop through. Every morning we think that maybe we will see a white tooth instead of a gummy smile. It looks like they might have some large teeth like their father. I am already saving up for braces. The boys are not officially walking. We did count them as being able to walk in their baby book, but I am not totally convinced. They can walk at least 7-8 steps and it is getting more controlled. You wouldn't want to release them on a cement floor. I am hoping in a week they will have better control and can move from room to room. I have some more walking development videos to post.

Favorite things that Ethan and Bennett like to do are play with their stacking rings and do spin tests on the hardwood floors. They like looking outside the windows and enjoy wagon rides. They have figured how to drop balls from the air and watch them bounce. They are still good sleepers and napping twice a day. We tried once a day a couple of times. It went ok. I feel like Bennett needs the morning nap and Ethan really needs the afternoon nap. So until they can come together on this one they are just going to get both. E and B are good eaters and exploring new foods all the time. They have figured out that if we have something they can come up to us and get some. We are working on sign language. Not sure they are getting this yet. You can see the wheels turning. They can say Mama and Dada, but not sure they know who is who. They more than anything just repeat it.

All is good with the boys!

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