Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break Rocks

No, I didn't have spring break, but my little sister Izzy did and she came home for the week. We were actually were home and got a surprise knock at the door. It was a total surprise for us and the rest of the family. Sandy and Bruce did some sneaky planning. So it was a great week when she was home. I was very grateful for all the time that was able to spend with us and her nephews. We had a few sleep overs and a lot of play time. Ethan and Bennett showed Izzy their pyrex lid stash and Izzy showed them some serious lid spinning. They really enjoyed it. Izzy even took time to help me relearn how to knit. I recently bought some knitting patterns for some baby photo props. The first one was a hammock and Izzy helped me knit it. Honestly, she did the majority of it, but I knitted a few rows in the middle. We followed the pattern, but there is no way that it could tie on the end of fit 2 babies so I am in the process of modifying the pattern and doing a bigger one. I hope the girls will be 5 lbs so I know I will need a bigger one. Izzy and I tried it out with two stuffed dogs. Glad we did this first with stuffed animals because they flipped out of the hammock several times. Izzy, I had so much fun spending time with you on spring break. CA is lucky to have you!

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