Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Year Birthday Pictures by ATP

Ethan and Bennett are one!!

On their first birthday they got to dig into a cake. We actually got one cake for each of them from Byerly's. Just a note to new parents, Byerly's does free cakes for baby's first birthday. You just have to call in and order it 24 hours in advance and bring in a birth certificate when you pick it up. I'm not kidding....they are absolutely free! Bennett seemed to enjoy the cake a little more than Ethan. Ethan was leery and suspicious about the brown circular object. We did these pictures early in the day before their party. We weren't too interested in doing a bath in the middle of a party. A shout out to Dade, Simi, and CJ for buying them their cake onesies. In addition to the cake pictures we did get a few nice ones of the boys. It is a little weird to see them in these outfits and hats. It makes them look more like little boys than babies. I know, I know, they grow up so fast. I have heard that a few times. Thank you Annie!

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