Tuesday, April 27, 2010

31 Weeks - Dear Sleep, Where have you gone?

Yesterday was my 31 week appointment. Again, everything is stable and going good. They are not nearly as concerned about my cervical length. I also asked them to clarify if there was a reason to worry since the babies are measuring a week and a few days apart. Well, it apparently has to do less with how much they are different, but rather where the baby is on the scale compared to a typical baby. Baby A (which is a little bigger) is in the 75 percentile when it comes to a singleton and Baby B (which is measuring a little smaller) is in the 50 percentile. These are percentages that they are very happy with! So I guess the babies don't need to always measure so closely together but have to be growing within reason to what a baby typically grows. We are lucky that we never got twin to twin syndrome. With twin to twin there is a greater chance of babies having a large gap between their measurements. These babies stayed close and the amniotic fluid managed to not change since the first time they figured out there was a significant difference. The ladies are doing great!

Wondering where my sleep went, well so am I! I swear this system was devised to prepare a mom for waking hours in the middle of the night. I counted last night just to see how many times I was up. It was 7. The most common was to make a visit to bathroom, but if it wasn't that it was rib kicks, contractions, and/or stomach cramps. Nights are for sure the worse. It starts kicking in before bed time. Daytime not so bad. I am taking a medication that I feel has really helped with the contractions. It is actually a blood pressure medication. I think the idea behind this type of medication is to help with blood flow and in turn quiet the uterus. I'm not complaining, but just relieved that I am not on the terb pump.

Count down to June 2nd: 5 weeks 1 day

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You look fabulous!