Monday, April 12, 2010

29 Weeks - still standin'....barely.

Apparently Ethan wanted to make it into my 29 week picture. So here is the deal on what went down today. Don't get to worked sounds worse than it was. Cervical length has shortened just a little, but the kicker today was when I did the Non Stress Test (NST) I was having a little uterine activity (aka: contractions). I guess it wasn't quite what they wanted to see. After spending almost 4 hours in the doctor's office I was sent to Methodist Hospital to be admitted to the Prenatal Evaluation and Triage Unit. They did a bag of IV fluids and more monitoring. The doctor did not seem to worried about the activity which he referred to as irritability. I wasn't worried either. He did start talking about the anti-partum unit and magnesium sulfa which I guess the worst part of that last time was the nausea that it caused. I guess having two children at home makes it a little trickier this time. It wasn't as easy to just admit myself into the hospital for 10 days like before.

So no, I am not blogging from the hospital. After 3 hours in the PETU I made it out. It felt like a jail break. Surprise, surprise...I do have an additional appointment this week. We will see where that gets us, hopefully I'll make it into work that day.

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Annie said...

You were totally overworked this weekend lady! Baby shower and pictures. Let me know if you need anything mama! I will gladly come play with the boys so you can rest.