Friday, April 30, 2010

Update on the boys

We are still a toothless and crawling household. The boys have been very healthy lately. No trips to urgent care or the clinic. This makes life a little easier. We can see that their teeth want to pop through. Every morning we think that maybe we will see a white tooth instead of a gummy smile. It looks like they might have some large teeth like their father. I am already saving up for braces. The boys are not officially walking. We did count them as being able to walk in their baby book, but I am not totally convinced. They can walk at least 7-8 steps and it is getting more controlled. You wouldn't want to release them on a cement floor. I am hoping in a week they will have better control and can move from room to room. I have some more walking development videos to post.

Favorite things that Ethan and Bennett like to do are play with their stacking rings and do spin tests on the hardwood floors. They like looking outside the windows and enjoy wagon rides. They have figured how to drop balls from the air and watch them bounce. They are still good sleepers and napping twice a day. We tried once a day a couple of times. It went ok. I feel like Bennett needs the morning nap and Ethan really needs the afternoon nap. So until they can come together on this one they are just going to get both. E and B are good eaters and exploring new foods all the time. They have figured out that if we have something they can come up to us and get some. We are working on sign language. Not sure they are getting this yet. You can see the wheels turning. They can say Mama and Dada, but not sure they know who is who. They more than anything just repeat it.

All is good with the boys!

Bennett Second Walking Attempts

One with Daddy and then a different day with Kristie! Getting better!

First Attempts at Walking

These videos are a few weeks old. I'll show you a series of videos on how far they have come along. My friend Anne is on the other side of the camera for these.

Stuck (Bennett)

This isn't the first time that the boys have found themselves stuck under the bar stools. At least he was trying to get out and having a good time with it.

Double Fisting (Ethan)

Bottle stealing happens a lot around here. Most times it is because one of them left their bottle on the floor and the other one found it, but they do have their moments where they will actually attempt to take ownership of their brother's bottle by yanking it from their mouth. I would say that one bonus of having twins is that bottles don't very often go unfinished. If one of them doesn't want anymore we give it to the other one.

Bloody Lip

We saw our first blood just a few weekends ago. With his brave attempts to walk from furniture to furniture he has taken some face forward falls. We got two of these bloody cries in one weekend. Of course when Mommy goes to comfort her child, Daddy reaches for the camera to document the day. Poor Bennett.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday with Nanny Molly

Even though I am on bed rest we still have Nanny Molly' help Monday - Wednesday during the week. These are very relaxing days for me. I just have to hang in my bedroom while she does her thing with the boys downstairs. I don't think the boys even know I am up there until I come down for meals. It is hard for them to understand that I can't pick them up or play so it sometimes is best to leave that to Molly. I do enjoy hearing them laugh and giggle during the day. I can hear it from my room and it is the best sound ever!
Molly really enjoys spending time outside with the boys. We have a small hand me down slide that they play on. She lays a blanket out and brings a few toys. As you can tell Ethan chose to bring a ring with him. Still the favorite toy of the house. We are still missing the green one. Side note on this ring toy...I was going to buy another one but have discovered that Fisher Price redid the toy so that it only has 5 rings instead of 7. Apparently the 7 stacking rings is a vintage toy now. I found a few on ebay for high prices. It might just be cheaper to go purchase two of the 5 stacking rings. So if you see this toy at a garage sale, you might want to buy it up and sell it on ebay for 10 times the price you paid for it.
Thanks Nanny Molly!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Family Pictures by ATP

And lastly, family pictures with Annie. We went to Hastings, MN for these. Really, we were just in the alley ways.

Maternity Pictures by ATP

Annie always does an amazing job. Using those angles to make me look good. Works for me! Here are the maternity favs. Visit her website at:

One Year Birthday Pictures by ATP

Ethan and Bennett are one!!

On their first birthday they got to dig into a cake. We actually got one cake for each of them from Byerly's. Just a note to new parents, Byerly's does free cakes for baby's first birthday. You just have to call in and order it 24 hours in advance and bring in a birth certificate when you pick it up. I'm not kidding....they are absolutely free! Bennett seemed to enjoy the cake a little more than Ethan. Ethan was leery and suspicious about the brown circular object. We did these pictures early in the day before their party. We weren't too interested in doing a bath in the middle of a party. A shout out to Dade, Simi, and CJ for buying them their cake onesies. In addition to the cake pictures we did get a few nice ones of the boys. It is a little weird to see them in these outfits and hats. It makes them look more like little boys than babies. I know, I know, they grow up so fast. I have heard that a few times. Thank you Annie!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

31 Weeks - Dear Sleep, Where have you gone?

Yesterday was my 31 week appointment. Again, everything is stable and going good. They are not nearly as concerned about my cervical length. I also asked them to clarify if there was a reason to worry since the babies are measuring a week and a few days apart. Well, it apparently has to do less with how much they are different, but rather where the baby is on the scale compared to a typical baby. Baby A (which is a little bigger) is in the 75 percentile when it comes to a singleton and Baby B (which is measuring a little smaller) is in the 50 percentile. These are percentages that they are very happy with! So I guess the babies don't need to always measure so closely together but have to be growing within reason to what a baby typically grows. We are lucky that we never got twin to twin syndrome. With twin to twin there is a greater chance of babies having a large gap between their measurements. These babies stayed close and the amniotic fluid managed to not change since the first time they figured out there was a significant difference. The ladies are doing great!

Wondering where my sleep went, well so am I! I swear this system was devised to prepare a mom for waking hours in the middle of the night. I counted last night just to see how many times I was up. It was 7. The most common was to make a visit to bathroom, but if it wasn't that it was rib kicks, contractions, and/or stomach cramps. Nights are for sure the worse. It starts kicking in before bed time. Daytime not so bad. I am taking a medication that I feel has really helped with the contractions. It is actually a blood pressure medication. I think the idea behind this type of medication is to help with blood flow and in turn quiet the uterus. I'm not complaining, but just relieved that I am not on the terb pump.

Count down to June 2nd: 5 weeks 1 day

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's so funny?

I got this picture from the couch. Not the greatest, but I love their facial expressions. You would of made the same smile if you saw what they were laughing at. Brett was in the kitchen dancing for them. Guess they think he is pretty funny.

Monday, April 19, 2010

30 Weeks - Now Horizontal

We are a little past 30 weeks. I had my doctor's appointment today. There wasn't any change. Actually no change is a good thing. It was kind of nice to be able to break away from the house even though it was for a 3 hour doctor appointment. Nothing exciting, but I have a feeling that I will really look forward to my outings to Methodist Hospital.

They did measurements today. Here are the stats:

Baby Aaliyah = 31 weeks 4 days, 3 lb 15 oz
Baby Jocelyn = 29 weeks 6 days, 3 lb 6 oz

Baby B is a little behind, but no big worry. And as far as the weight goes, they said that it is plus or minus 8 oz.

The count down for June 2nd is here. We are 6 weeks and one day away!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I may look good pregnant, but trust me pregnancy is not my friend

Bed Rest Is Not For Wimps II

So it happened. They said the "B" word at my last appointment which has landed me back on my couch for some R and R, Food Network station, and boredom. I am officially on bedrest. I was allowed to work this Friday with orders to not return until after babies were born. Well, I am thankful for a lot of things regardless of the doctor's orders. Like, we got to have a great 1 year birthday celebration for the boys, we took family and maternity pictures, I had a fun girls night without any children, I have been able to care for the boys into my pregnancy, I have was able to stay at work and will be on leave for fewer months than last time, and I really learned how to appreciate the smaller things like going to the mall, sitting outside in the garage with Brett, pumping gas, visiting Lanesboro, meeting friends out for dinner, and so much more. You don't realize how much you miss these things until you are no longer allowed to do them. Luckily I already had the lengthy bedrest experience so I was grateful for all the past months that I had freedom from my house and was still pregnant. Honestly, I didn't expect to get away scotch free without bedrest, but there was a part of me that was hoping to at least get into the month of May. I was riding the line at every doctor appointment and now I have fallen off the wagon. I was grateful to make it into work on Friday for one last day. Besides all the loose ends and responsibility hand offs I was able to say "see ya later" to a few people. Notice I didn't say, "good-bye". The bedrest word was way less traumatic this time. Really the hardest thing about this second round is that I can't care for the boys like I would like to. Don't get me wrong, I will also miss cleaning the kitchen floor and doing laundry, but really I will miss my hands on time with my boys. Don't worry, Brett is giving them extra attention to make up for my lack. We do get a lot of face time when I am on the couch and they come to the edge and play. It is hard for them to understand that they can't always come up on the couch to play as they extend their arms towards me. E and B fortunately will not even remember these next few weeks. The good news is that they did schedule my cesarean for June 2nd. So if you think about it the longest that I will be on bedrest for is 6 weeks. That is a lot different than 16 weeks (yes that was how many weeks I was on bedrest last time). There is always that chance that we can deliver early but I am aiming for the scheduled date. We hope to still deliver at Methodist and we have to be at least 32 weeks. Ideally we would have about the same experience with the boys and not have a NICU stay.

Wondering what I will be up these next few weeks? Well, Nanny Molly is going to keep taking care of the boys Monday-Wednesday. We are lucky to have family and friends help care for the boys on Thursdays and the Fridays that Brett as to work. Grandma Lamon is coming up to get some quality time with her boys. Since we have all his help for E and B I find myself with all this free time to do whatever I can from the comfort of my bed or couch. There is sure to be a lot of Food Network on in the background, some baby books that need updating and the girls need to be started, and I have a few knitting and crocheting projects that I wasn't sure if I was ever going to have time for. I think my doctor knew about my project list and felt that the only way for me to accomplish all of this was on bedrest. I have already made some progress on the projects. I'll give you an update later.

Basement....well this project is coming along thanks to my dad, his friend, Brett, and some hired help. Brett is now in charge of everything so the basement project is a time consuming task that he doesn't have time for. There has been some progress and just this week our fireplaces were installed. We have fire! Again, I'll update you later on this.

Brett....well the man of Lamon/Scott household. He is now the keeper and do-er of everything. Lots of meal preparations and late night grocery trips are in his future. I am sure that he will take this moment to shine. He does a great job with the boys and caring for me. He even managed to make it to the driving range. You can have a little sympathy for him but don't worry he will squeeze in some personal time.

That is the update on us. I have an appointment on Monday and can give you more details then.

Birthday Wagon

Ethan and Bennett received some birthday money from Great Grandma Scott and look what they picked out! They love wagon rides. It has already gotten some use given the early spring weather. I can't wait to bring them on more rides.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brothers and Friends!

The boys have been really been enjoying each other. This is one of those benefits of having twins that I am totally cashing in on. I'll be minding my own business and all of the sudden hear the deepest belly laugh coming from Ethan and Bennett. I have a couple of videos. They started doing this thing where they butt heads together and think it is hilarious. A little like wild beasts crashing their antlers together. Enjoy! p.s. don't judge me on the video where they are eating cheerios off the floor. I don't have a dog and they were the ones that put them on the floor so it makes sense they would clean them up.

Sippy Cup Melt Down

Our doctor actually encouraged us to start using a sippy cup with the boys at 6 months old. We tried and it was just easier to give them a bottle. They just couldn't figure out what to do with the sippy cup. Since then we thought since it has been a year that they might be ready. I might be wrong on this one...

Another Use for the Rings, Compliments of Jenny Cook

The other cool thing in the video is the boys have learned how to clap on demand. Bennett does it all the time and Ethan for some reason claps with one hand to the back of his other hand. It is pretty funny.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Aunt Izzy

When Izzy was home for spring break we were able to snap some pictures of her and the boys. She is so cute in these pictures and you can tell the boys miss her lots. Izzy you should be able to save these pictures off my blog - if not email me!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sneak Preview

We took family/maternity pictures this weekend. Go to Annie's blog to see them:

29 Weeks - still standin'....barely.

Apparently Ethan wanted to make it into my 29 week picture. So here is the deal on what went down today. Don't get to worked sounds worse than it was. Cervical length has shortened just a little, but the kicker today was when I did the Non Stress Test (NST) I was having a little uterine activity (aka: contractions). I guess it wasn't quite what they wanted to see. After spending almost 4 hours in the doctor's office I was sent to Methodist Hospital to be admitted to the Prenatal Evaluation and Triage Unit. They did a bag of IV fluids and more monitoring. The doctor did not seem to worried about the activity which he referred to as irritability. I wasn't worried either. He did start talking about the anti-partum unit and magnesium sulfa which I guess the worst part of that last time was the nausea that it caused. I guess having two children at home makes it a little trickier this time. It wasn't as easy to just admit myself into the hospital for 10 days like before.

So no, I am not blogging from the hospital. After 3 hours in the PETU I made it out. It felt like a jail break. Surprise, surprise...I do have an additional appointment this week. We will see where that gets us, hopefully I'll make it into work that day.